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One that can print out copies of itself and see how fast you can turn any asteroid dust ball or lump of interstellar rock and ice into a hall of mercian kings some assembly required none of us said anything for a while when you put it that way blight pug looked at her and there were bright tear standing in his is hers to oh pug she said he covered his face with his hands and solved i was the first one to reach him i put an arm around his shoulders and he leaned into me and i felt the weird lump where his dislocation hadn't set properly he cried for a long time long enough for blight and then maya to come and put their arms around us long enough for me to start crying when he straightened up he took the little gadget out of my hand it's a big universe he said doesn't give a shit about us as far as we can tell there's only us out here if our grandchildren your grandchildren i mean are gonna meet friendly aliens you're just gonna be us right then readings for the land down under all enjoy a vegemite sandwich and think of you you've been listening to the corey dr podcast licensed under creative commons attribution noncommercial share like us three point oh or as what he got three put it in another context this song is copyrighted in the us under seal of copyright one five four eight five for a period of twenty eight years and anyone caused singing it without our permission we'll be a mighty good friend of arn because we don't give dern publish it right at singers swing a yodel it we wrote it that's all we wanted to do many thanks to john taylor williams for mastering that's right next duty oh w r y and he c k studio edgy mail dot com john taylor williams is a fulltime self employed audio engineer producer composer and sound designer and his free time he makes jewellery odd musical instruments in furniture he likes to meditate to read and to cook talk to you next week.

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