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Where there we go it appears to off of bridges bridges called Michigan third in nation for coronavirus last data about the patients one of the author of Mr call three thirty but I could wrong might be for thirty is he calling into the five o'clock hour we'll see I want to get him on the arm talk about this is interesting because up when I talked to him earlier today at length he he listed you rattle off a bunch of states Arkansas New York California whole bunch of dirt that are so transparent with data they're shot they're telling who's in the hospital who's an intubation how many people have been a well secured have recovered how many people are in recovery and it just goes on and I don't know the school shooting detail not so in Michigan now somebody said to me earlier today the reason they're doing that is are hiding the numbers I don't buy that neuter the author of this I don't think anybody's hiding the numbers it does nobody any good to hide two numbers but on the other hand on the other hand I think what it is is they have their own little medical fiefdoms if you will this guide Beaumont hospital this guy at I don't know what what was our hospital Wednesday whatever yeah this guy over here you will vote on this guide St Mary's center's got over St Joe's and all the above Saint Joe's Pontiac central's Apleni on over I think that they're also caught up in what they're doing although other states have gotten around they just haven't put together a central group in a room and say let's get all the all the information out in a central clearinghouse and get it to the people I I really don't think anybody in our state governments at war war stop that because if you do that we can't manipulate this to look like trump's bad or something like that I'm I'm sorry I'm just not buying that the author did neither but I want to get him to talk about it because I have some further questions about this we just heard that from senator Patrick Colbeck he he was talking about the fact that the piece I posted on Facebook the title of which is when we get to it here here it is he wrote this piece called looking for a rational data driven policy solution to covert nineteen question the first part of it says if you're like me this call but talking hi you're tired of the timeline roulette we're gonna open up on the thirteenth what what would what good does that do by the way we don't know I mean what a fun the thirteenth is even worse than it was when we first locked out what if there's never was necessary to lock down so he goes on to say approach taken by many of our elected officials regarding how to address covert nineteen pandemic Michigan my home state has been in CCP style lockdown since the governor ridge Wimmer issued a stay at home executive order effective until April thirteenth since that point in time the policy debates running covert has been around let me double click this to open up here hours later has been around wears a I just lost my place since that point the policy debates running cover nineteen has been around how long should we remain locked what we're lacking is a rational data driven policy solution I hope to jump start that discussion with this article number to read the whole article because it's really long and uses big words in here uses big words so anyway that's were out on this in terms of right now it's nothing more than we're locked down until this okay well what happens then Gretchen and how did you arrive at that conclusion what we found out it was a she arrived that conclusion from faulty data off of a covert act now dot org remember we learned after talking with doctor Dave jammed up covert act now dot org and that and that's been a hundred percent leftist funded website much of which now is probably been scrubbed I don't know but yeah there's gonna be a different approach this because when it comes down to I would would come down to okay this guy has a business let's just take one business for example and he has three four five employees and all of a sudden he can't go out of the house because he's deemed nonessential and if he goes out of the house would you probably get away with it but if you didn't there's a potential of of now I heard is five thousand dollars can you check it out there what was the final in Michigan if you on the street if you're busted for being out there with a piece of paper center central it was ninety days in jail five dollar finally bumped it up to a fifteen hundred somebody said today five thousand dollars so check that out I am not getting the a Swiss army knife on the edge of off to their external so are if it's who's going to want to do that and and I just talked to somebody else today they've already laid off all of their employees because they've been hit so hard there's no work that everybody's laid off well how do you call them all back and now they're all out there playing for employment this is a nightmare a nightmare and really what this came came down to is up yes there's some risk associated was being out there but on the other hand on the other hand how much more risk is there there that if we do the right thing high risk high risk profile people don't go out we only do things with very very substructure awful distancing listed twenty feet apart from each other which is always it's always gonna be a risk freedom is risky and messy by the way it stains your clothes sometimes it gets all over but if we did that a lot of these businesses would still be around still be around would somebody come down maybe trying to virus from being out there yeah maybe I don't know I do know this that if you kill the business there's nothing to come back to after everybody supposedly safe and you're not going to be safe this thing is going to take two to three.

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