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Season would be full of challenges, not just for the Blackhawks with their own narratives individually as a team, just like any club does, but For the entire NHL on and off the ice. That narrative tonight involves taking its level of play from the last two victories at home this weekend out of the road for a first out of town win this season. Now, for the last 24 hours or so they learned of a new challenge that many other teams have already faced, missing a pair of key players because of the safety regulations. We have all needed to be under now for almost a year. The call for next man up is on Once again. Good evening, Everyone welcome to the Fanduel Sports Book Chicago Blackhawks pregame show leading up to tonight's contest between the Black Hawks and the Predators in Nashville. John. Why didn't try Marie standing by down the hallway here in our WGN studios to bring you the call coming up at the top of the hour, and we begin our Black Hawk story lines with the protocol that has touched home for the first time this season. The Hawks just beat a team and the Red Wings. They had five players stay at home rather than travel in Chicago, and the league announced yesterday that Alex to brink it, Adam focused were placed in protocol. Which can result in a number of factors and let's go down them. Officially. They include among others won an initial positive test, which remains unconfirmed until confirmatory testing is completed pursuant to a positive test protocol. Second mandated isolation for symptomatic individuals pursuant to positive, says protocol. Third required Quarantine is a high risk close contact in accordance with the positive test protocol. Number four isolation based on a confirmed positive test result and or five quarantine for travel or other reasons, as outlined in the cove, it 19 protocol. Now, when asked about it after morning skate Jeremy Carlson. His players like Nikita Sidorov says Well, it's unfortunate they cannot stop moving forward carefully and focus on the task in front of them. It's a bigger percentage for all the guys to step on in a big girls. And full it in for us. I mean, no excuses. Right now. Every team's going through it. You know, Detroit, her like 56 guys missing. Everybody has some guy's missing At some point, they will have it if their own so. So the thing is zero world we're living in right now. So I think we're just gonna Better going. Just go apparently hard, play hard candy and try to win hockey games. And let's welcome in Troy. And it would be naive Troy When you when you see all this happened around the league now only this league, but in all sports leagues that any team would come away unscathed over In the NHL's case, an intense four month 56 game non bubble schedule and all the hawks can do now is keep testing. Stay disciplined, like they have hope this case to whatever degree it is, is contained and then Not having its schedule affected by by what they can control. What When you look around the division, the Hawks in the wings are the only two of the eight teams who haven't had to reschedule games. And condensed the schedule even more. You just hope other teams stay healthy enough as well, including the Hawks. I know the Blackhawks, like most of the teams in the NHL are taking this very seriously as follows as far as the protocol that they have to follow. In Chicago and on the road, and that's all they could do. They can abide by the rules do the best that they can and and hope for the best. It's gonna happen. You're naive to think that it's not gonna happen. So you know for the Blackhawks her like every other team that the depth this season For all teams in the NHL are really going to come into play. If you look at the goaltending situation, a lot of teams air scrambling around for that third gold tender because all of a sudden Wow, we need this guy. We need that guy. Taxi squads, whatever it is. They put the taxi squad in place for just this very reason, and you're going to see it all season long and it's just it is what it is. And the next man up mentality is the right attitude. For all the teams to have. There's nothing you could do. Washington. Had Ovechkin and whose nets off off the other night. They weren't in the lineup, a couple other guys as well in same covert protocol, and they want a game. So it Z all about your attitude. If you hang your head and say, Oh, man, we're missing a couple key players will always us. You're not gonna get any results. You just have to look forward. And for a coaching staff. Hey, you coach the players that are on the bench. There's nothing more that you could do. You can't worry about anything else. You coach the players that you have on. That's the approach that I think every team has to have. Not Only Chicago. As we said, we circled back now, to some of our our catch words and phrases that I think we're already close to two wearing out two weeks in, but Things like next challenge next step. It's about carrying the way that Ryan Carpenter and company played in the two wins, versus on upgrade in competition and now to do it on the road. We definitely needed to carry over those four games on the road. We didn't get The points that we wanted to. And so it was nice to come back home. Definitely different experience without fans, but that's just what it's gonna be this year. And, yeah, just just to get some wins and some confidence and tow feel like the things we're doing is leading to the reward. So we're going to stick with the process tonight, and we know we're playing really good team tonight and hungry Team a team they just lost to Dallas. So We know it's gonna be a good game tonight..

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