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Things that happen after the fact but if you really talk to you know some people they really don't even know what domestic violence looks like outside of what some extreme cases on tv talks does so really let's talk let's have real conversations about what we're in it is the accountability not to say that a person deserves it whether they chose to stay in a relationship not because i'm going to be really clear that's not what i'm saying but really as an individual individual when things started to happen what was what was going on with me that allow for warning signs to be nord and i really have those conversations because we're seeing this even with young girls indicate to i mean k twelve right and then really opening it up and saying what does that look like and bring in boys and men into those conversations will because we need to have that dialogue right and then being very intentional about moving forward so that we're not excluding a group of people that actually have to intermit be intimate partners with in north for the healing and the conversations that happen in say in mass data in my place i didn't know what it looked like before value those great times over those times where my good was saying marissa's ain't right and then choosing to stay in it right and domestic violence relationships are very complex but helping navigate that for people so that they can understand what violent really what happens in triggers and things that could happen and understanding what a healthy relationship is what a functioning relationship is dysfunctional relationship is understanding what control looks like when it subtle and winners maybe overboard right but start really doing that preventative work so that we can kind of understand how we got there or better yet before it grows legs and then you're at the mercy of death or the criminalises so one day you will have to explain this to your daughter right do you think about.

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