Gordon Hayward, Tommy John Surgery, NFL discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


When they throw a breaking ball at maximum velocity that their elbow ligament isn't going to snap that whatever dead person. They got the elbow ligament from that it's in their nice and tight and it's not gonna snap like it did before. And I feel like that's what Gordon Hayward is going through at least partially that the injury he sustained the seriousness of it with his legs is sort of an aqu-. Revelant to Tommy John surgery. It's more serious. It was more serious injury. But regaining confidence that when he jumps. He's not gonna land awkwardly and going to have a similar injury that when he maximizes his exertion on his lower half and his lower body that something isn't going to go wrong. And I think that's a big part of why Gordon Hayward struggling, and it's why pitcher struggle when they come back from Tommy John. Yes, it's physical regaining everything getting into game shape. But it's also mental and when you injure your leg like that in basketball, it has to mess with you a little bit. So plenty of drama in the NBA. It was fun. There is more drama coming in the NFL coming up next on the rich Eisen show. This is the single worst reason to keep a coach from year to year, and we've already seen a few teams using this reason plus Connor or from the m QB will join me discussing co. Coaching vacancies potential vacancies and the NFL playoff picture in week seventeen. It's all coming up right here on the richeisenshow college football NFL football, the greatest time of the year..

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