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Lost again with celtics they had the lead the celtics shot forty eight percent from the field they barely got outrebounded by to rebound they shot forty eight percent from 3 so on shock greystone that formula great shooting from deep in an from the field in they still don't lose and so yes this is a problem the formula is not working out their defense in late and critical situation hasn't been as good but these are numbers that are more joined to meet nick i know you like numbers the plusminus tatum was the best at minus eighteen there was clubbed their starters yes i'll horford mind this twenty aaron bangs i don't know what he's even doing in the universe piece of mindless twit miners evolve and only nine minute he he's he's off i mean says besides the man bunny has like what does he bring to the team jaylen brown minus levin in cairo minus fourteen so when you look at the no men they're not playing you should be at alarm you should be concern because they got off to a tremendous start the cushion ahead they've lost that made another week or two they could be the fourthseed and in the east by the way that this cavs or get nice say it honest like they are about to get the guy who was the best player on the celtics you added to their team toronto's about aval holes structure home games and the only i do.

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