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I'm the fast victory for mclaren in nine years. It was mclaren one or two for the team with landowners. Taking second spot on the podium and vow batas taking thaad doctrine excellent comeback from about degrade me. It was a disastrous day to the top contenders with max stopping and lewis hamilton clutching the red woolcott. Winding up on top of the mercedes and as a result neither driver finishing the rice. Max and has since been penalized for the accident. Receiving three place grid penalty and two penalty points on his licence. I'm we're gonna get into all of the discussion surrounding that later. In the podcast. There is a lot unpaid today. There were many stories today that we probably won't get round to discussing but we're gonna have a good guy on joining me to do so. Is it jess mcfadden. Director of strategy might Network hayden call editor of order and a very special guest harry benjamin podcast and commentator. Harry hayden is lovely to have you joining us harry first of all. How are you doing. Thank you very much for having me on. i'm good. Thank you hectic racist. Arson in sunday's always busy birth. Yeah very happy to be on. Thank you for having me and your fast time joining us on the Protests how are you feeling now. Good thank you. It's been a busy well managed to get through it. Just about so at yeah. It's been a good weekend an absolute pleasure. Having you joining us today. Harry and russo yourself hated. We can't wait to get stuck into the conversation now. You guys may not know but we always like to kick off the podcast with a race racing so that is exactly what we're gonna do today. We're going to just fast so that you can yuna so of c- a baseline for what how're we tend to write on. Then we will comet to you guys. jess what that you're gonna give today's yeah again Trekkie race to rates are in. Need because i think up until the red bull pitstop looked like it was going to be quite dull. It looked like it was just going to be quite easy to maintain. It was really tricky to out. There wasn't going to be too much a change in the running older but then we do get gifted these moments again. I say gifted depends on. If you're a red bull mercedes pharma guests gifted with these weird happenings and all of a sudden everything gets right into question. We have a bunch of things happening up and down the field. We had drivers making mistakes. We had a penalties and It was so after that it was quite entertaining. Not so much of a a huge strategy race but the west interesting strategies going up and down most. Interestingly i guess for mercedes pulling out lewis hamilton on hard tyres on the grid when he's in pay for and everyone kind of tanning around and thinking now is going on over here but ended up you know could have been a blinder strategy. Had we seen how that played out but we didn't so i'll get smart racing. I'm gonna give it. I'm gonna give seven. I'm slightly cautious. Only because again. I think had we not had the craziness happening. It might have been in weapon very very different but the second half of that race it was full hall. Pounding kind of edgy statement site and obviously a great great resentful from clara in the end but yet it wasn't it wasn't amazing but i think it had enough that will be talking about this race a for for the rest of the season pay saudi seven guys a decent decent bracing. Harry what you're going to give it out of ten very difficult to disagree with. A lot of justice said there was bit of danger that it was going to be a bit of a stop but i was also thinking of the number seven but actually i'm gonna go with an eight because to see daniel ricardo on the top step of the party once again and mclaren one two and we have fights down the field as well i would have liked to seen a bit more of how latifi go ahead of the the to alpine's at one point and he then oversee fell back a bit but george russell had a bit of a rice. Getting into ninth once again as well so there was action. Sort of all the way through the field. We didn't see much of it. Because naturally the headlines would take by verstappen hamilton which again added to the spice and drama peres. Batas both coming through as well. They looked at one point that he was going to challenge so for me. It had all the right ingredients. We think to get a full time. We were robbed of some of those things playing out by the safety obviously by the snapping at hamilton early retirements but overall i'd say that was a solid eight for me k. One up when jess hayden. What are you giving at definitely go up again nine. Nothing you've been on the selling it. Daniel ricardo winning from fire in.

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