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Unlikely you'd games here were down by seventeen at one point as many as fifteen the second. Secondhand. Colorado just had a five point lead. But bands Jackson with a big jab step at a dagger. For the top of the key made it a two-point ballgame. Colorado is not shot the foul shot I t to thirty sixty three percents. Global is putting out a full court press inbounding baseline way off to our left. That's backward. Sports has the right to move along baseline here because it was after made shot Colorado had twelve turnovers. The first half have had what eight or nine the first like seven minutes. They've only had one turnover. The secondhand refounded. The Lobos by twelve in his ballgame. Colorado was fourteen offensive rebounds. Trying to break. Open sports. Looking looking gets the ball in daily back to Schwartz up court Lucas drive again, he circles back around at gives off the out of a kindling. Nice job. Breaking the press that time. I gotta get a pocket here on a ten. Second differential came shot clock. But Kevin Troy top fifteen seconds subtle play clock. Kelly worked the dribble Trinity's out him attacking forecourt. Right. Drives up the right side. He goes. By four fifteen seconds remaining. Quieted the crowd down there. Seventy six seventy two Mathis backdoor cut the catch. It goes by fires. Timeout. Guys, got ice water in his veins. Useless shot fake thereby Mathis. They got Sean to bite. Nope. And look after that ban Obando man one point ballgame game seventy six seventy five exactly seven seconds remaining in this game. Now was Mathis. We'll see how many freezes eat half. Now. Mathis miss ballgame is seven of ten from downtown. Seven of eleven so ten of his eleven attempts have come inside the arc. He's played thirty four minutes. He's got twenty three points. Let's see they've got three players to double digits Jackson's got ten Kuyper. Scotty eleven for the buffaloes based got fourteen eleven he's got five blocks. The ballgame seaward has got twelve of seven McKinley. Right has got twelve points, eight rebounds, and three assists. Yeah. That'll do it for double digit scores. Have a bad. He's got ten and nine. He's the rebound away for a double double. Jon, Evan Batty is quite as hard as you mentioned earlier this kind of opened down helter skelter game doing his thing. What are your six eight to sixty five running a marathon is not necessarily your game? Callow basketball brought to us by since gene since jeez temperance told but the buffs basketball team, Donald stampede the factory Alba's Ross appeals privy Jesus shirts or visit since gene dot com. All right Scottie. Here's the thing. Lobos are going to be chopping everything. Here. I got to get the ball in Powell's gonna come quick. With only seven point two. They've attitude tents on the clock last time, Mark the timing was a little off for Kimmy broke into short. Sean wasn't ready to pass it. You got a good timing between the passer and the guy trying to get open to shoves good a and in once again full-court pressing defense. Baseline looking looking trying to get Lynn finally does Siebert with a catch at a foul immediately. If they got Mathis, that's it for him. He just fouled out. So at least you take Mathis sent his three point shooting prowess shot of the ball game. He fouled out with twenty three points. He was two or three from downtown seven eleven for two or three for the foul on seven of eleven from downtown buffalo sleep by one seventy six seventy five five point eight seconds remaining Lucassie where the Fallon up to a righties to with two of the ball game. Sixty nine percents shooter coming into the ballgame. Five point eight seconds remaining. Lucas at the stripe. Fires unlocks the first one down. It's a two point game time called by tad Boyle. It's a fulltime we'll keep it right here. Five point eight seconds remaining, seventy seventy seventy five Colorado atop by to see where this got one more could make this a three point ballgame. Love to see him knock down. And then the worst thing that can happen is a tie the game for senators overtime. Either way the bus would like to make them use a little clock come up the floor about foul on. Making a tough shot at ten instead of pushing it up uncontested wealth, Lucas can get this to make it a three point damages said the worst thing that can happen is the Lobos tie it. And I feel a whole lot better about the circumstance with Anthony mantha bench. Fouled out the way he shot the rock tonight. History game talk. That Mathis wasn't Elise shooter at he used a turbo essentially, get turtle the guys he said number thirty two Anthony Vance's. He's not a good three point shooter. He's great three point shooter. This guy is lead. You won't face Betty to your career better than him. Boy Hughes proven tonight heading five point eight seconds remaining, Colorado as many as seventeen here the first half of this ball game down double digits almost the entire second hand full. But they haven't turn the ball over here. The second period. They played much smarter. They have rebounded. Well, and led by as many as five in this second period. The game has gone on really throughout the game has gotten better and better than all facets of the game. I beg your pardon six who was seventy three sixty seven Lucas to make it a three point ball game back at the free throw line. Let's fly got it. And it's a three point game shots, thereby Lucas seventy eight seventy five Lucas coming out baddies back in offense offensive defensive switch five point, eight seconds. Hermetic Tableau puts on a full court pressing defense pin shook the play the ball in. They get it into Jackson. He's gonna drive up court behind the back dribble. Step back about a forty foot three pointer. Buffalo's coming back from seventeen down. Albuquerque seventy eight to seventy five it's a six what? And that's what call call gut check with here in Albuquerque to mess up to Mark Foster really build on and learn from learn that they didn't come out, you know, whether they were weren't ready to play mentally or whatever it was. But still to come back from a from a on a on a hostile floor. Like this really shows me something Scott. The way Colorado played in the first half of this ball game. I mean, they were playing poorly as they had all season long. And I'm thinking there is no way they can turn this thing around bitstream black dead to daddy's awful impressive. But they just started playing smarter basketball. Portions of the first half throughout the secondhand Tyler base effort really was contagious. He was doing great effort blocking shots rebound in the team. Started feeding off that the defense got better better as the game went on as a team. Plus just took care of the ball one turnover and a half pretty good the largest deficit the bus of ever had on the road to come back and win was a twenty point game back giving the big twelve at Texas AM. It was January twenty eight to nineteen ninety eight. This'll be the second largest road deficit puffs of ever come back from a win a ball game as they win their sixth consecutive game and pull out the. The three point win seventy eight to seventy five unbelievable. Yeah. I really feel like this is going to be something. Maybe that kind of boost the bus forward to move down the stretch.

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