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If you don't If they refer if they make introductions than they may not be the right ones and then either you're gonNA take on business. You shouldn't which is my mind lose lose situation and Or you're you're going to not get any of the right people can any at all. You GotTa make sure that people know so what I like to do And recommend is early in a new relationship is to teach our prospects teach our clients customers who we serve the best. So it Michael. Could you know it could be something like this. You know Michael as we work together. It's you know it's possible you may identify other folks that you think should be aware of the work. I do ruin Gossip that ever comes up and you feel like introducing me I. It's wonderful I'm never too busy to see if I could be a resource for others and if you don't mind Miami share with you kind of our who we serve the best these days who are businesses geared towards an. It's people much like yourself and then that adoption and I compliment them mm-hmm and then keep going. So I'm I'm planting the seed for the possibility of introductions bought and by educating you on who I served the best so that's one way to do it another way to do. It is if someone thinks of someone. And you're there Were you bring it up and ask for introductions you still want to qualify. You Still WanNa say talk about your friend. Let's talk about your past business partner and see if it makes sense for us to be talking you know never assume it's the right match always being a qualifying fine mode and by being qualify mode number. One you're going to Increase the chances of getting introduced to the right people. And you're teaching. You're educating your referral sources at the same time So it it's basically about being comfortable and confident in the space of referrals referrals. And introductions is how you get the right once and seeing yourself as a connector. You're someone who connects others. You help them to connection and you get connected and you get connected to the right people so we also asked about you know you know asking for referrals and Handy get into that place ace of being comfortable. A lot of people aren't comfortable. That's one of the reasons I'm in business. And they don't they don't WanNa look need. They don't WANNA look like they're pushing Tall all that kind of stuff and so What we have to understand is this isn't rocket science This is really just just a matter of being confident in one of the things I try to do. The work that I do is help people become more confident around this So if you want we can we. We can jump into that what it looks like. You know how you know how we might ask someone that right. Yeah definitely a good. So here's here's the here's the best way to ask for a referral slash introductions and make a distinction real quick. I'm using the word referrals and introductions interchangeably but What we really want is to get introduced right? We want an introduction. We the the old referred leave the old call George use. My name doesn't work so only more because George doesn't pick up his phone Georgia's wondering why their friend gave their name out to someone they don't know and and so it just doesn't work so we gotta get connected to. It could be in person. It could be with an email introduction as a lot of different ways it connected so everyone listening to this interview right. Now when you're with a prospect or a client or a center of influence please use the word introductions Let's talk about who you might be able to introduce me to or no. Let's talk about how you introduce Laura. So she feels comfortable with this. And so it's all the word introductions with that sad I go back and forth a little bit so the best way to do. This is to identify people in your clients slides. Who could be candidates for the work? You do see the mistake that people make when they asked they usually throw it open to the whole universe. They'll say who do you know we can help. And they don't picture anybody in their minds I and they go on and I'll give it some thought. I'll let you know or from your cards. I'll hear him with me or whatever and so it doesn't usually fizzles and here's the deal. You can't be introduced everybody. You can only be introduced to somebody so the Bullseye in in all of this is coming to the conversation with one or two or three specific individuals you know your referral source knows and it could be from paying attention and previous meetings too you know. They're they're how you met them and who they know and what circles a move in it depends on the nature of your business is going to change a little bit depending on Your Business Model You could look on Lincoln Dan. You could look in a directory of their Industry Association if they sit on the board of directors of an industry association but quite often Our clients will mention other people all and we just put it in our inventory. There's we create an inventory a possible introductions for any given client and that's the bull's eye that's the easiest most comfortable comfortable most effective way. How do you feel about introduced me to Paul Jones Right So on target. That's the bullseye. This the next ring out on the target could be categories and every business is different so every business has different categories but Think you think of the business you have. And what are the types of the events Life events business events. Were things going on in. Your prospects lives and business that might make their radar. You know a little more receptive to learning about you. And those are the kind of categories I am talking about so I do a lot of work with financial advisors financial professionals and so One of the categories they think about is money in motion. Someone is inheriting or selling a business. This some sort of money in motion and obviously someone who has money in motion is maybe going to have their radar out for financial advisor may be a have one. But they're not really thrilled with who they're working with and now they got this big chunk of money in motion. Now's the time may be considered someone else in these types of categories gorey's every business has Is is not the bulls eye but it's pretty darn close and it's another way to go so so the key here in in this requests for introductions really is coming prepared not winging it not throwing open to the whole universe thinking through. Who Do? I know this person knows who are they connected with And then taking it from that spot I love the introduction component of it because yeah people here referral and they. They have a thought process about that. But an an introduction is just an introduction. There's no there's no obligation it's okay. Let's let's have a conversation and when you're introduced news to somebody or someone is GonNa be introduced you once you know that you're GonNa have you know a conversation in one of the things that I do. That makes a big difference. I think is get to know who that person is. You know it's with online access and everything like that. It's not difficult to find out about something of course in the conversation conversation. And you you alluded to this earlier you know get to know you know. Why are you introducing me to this person or why? Why did you think give this person? What's what's going on? And and their their lives or their organization where you think I'm going to be able to help them. Yes so that way. When you're having in that conversation with a group or that individual you already have a basic understanding of a pain point that they have if you go in and start talking with that person with the I already understand your pain points and we just met all of the sudden it that it just takes off several layers of okay? I don't really know this person. It's more of A. Wow bill gets me. Bill knows what I'm going through. All right I I I like bill and now getting to know them and an okay. Now I'm getting to trust him. And and when when you have the know like entrust kick in then the the world's Basically okay let's let's see how we can work together and and and make things better for everybody involved. Yes I mean what what you just mentioned is is why referrals slash introductions work. It's borrowed trust. We borrow the trust in one relationship long enough. Turn our own trusted Austin in a new relationship and You know you hit on something I think is very important A kind of a magical question that I've been teaching for a long time time What's going on in his life for life their life? Whoever you're getting introduced the what's going on in their life? It's important to them right now. Or what's is going on in their business is important to them right now if you're doing B. Two B. and Whatever that is whatever is you know the forefront of their life or business radar eight are should be the reason forgetting introduced This is why you're getting introduced. This is your approach to them. there's two types of research we can do. There's cold research which is going to their linked in profile their website page. And all that. And that's good that can be very valuable bowl research and then there's warm research which is the information that you can only learn from someone who knows them in this case your referral furrow source and so Asking those types of questions. Here's another question it's nice to ask is what do you like or admire about them. Or what do you respect aspect about them and they'll tell you sometimes things you have in common and it's just you you're going to start off in a better place right. And why is this important. Because that's one of the biggest factors are dynamics. Going on marketing and attracting people into our world is empathy. Our prospects need to get the sense that we know them. This is one of the ways we set ourselves apart a little bit. This is how we cut through the noise and get their attention is the fact tracked. We know them a little bit narrowing. Our market will help us do that as well. But what we learned from our referral source will help us and how we get introduced based on that and how we follow up is so that whole concept of empathy is is pretty critical now. What's what's the fastest line? straightest line aligned to relevance in in someone else's world right in in in your best prospect with the fastest way to be relevant to them mel introduction from someone when they trust there are other ways to become relevant but without question. That's the fastest. And when we couple that with some research it's a very powerful combination again it takes it takes the business out of it because everybody. There's always that whenever you get a a sales inquiry or something like that. You're you're is kind of role or you know for linked in for example you connect with somebody and then you did you set the countdown timer for the sales pitch a three to one and all of a sudden. It's like forty paragraphs long and you're going look you know. I took three semesters of typing in highschool for two reasons number one because I knew that learning to type faster would probably serve me and my career which I was spot on in two. Typically I would be the only boy in the class so And as a high school kid did. That's not a bad thing. So I mean you know statute of limitations I've been outta school long enough won't get in trouble for that but again. It's it's one of those things where in eighteen paragraphs or whatever and the email and you're like okay that was the cut and paste okay. That wasn't tailored to me. They they didn't. There's no way they had enough time to look at my profile. Know who I am And here they are you know pimping their their grow your linked in connection one thing or get Okay you're going about it in a wrong way type of thing so yet. It's almost the point where the connection. I'm like Oh yeah they're going to. They're looking for something it's like. They don't think they really want to get to know me because they're burned out or stressed or anything like that. It's something completely different. So it's the same thing you know when you get an introduction to somebody you have a conversation as human beings we we we seek to understand each other and figure out. Okay where some commonalities could could be. Hey you know we both like the same sports teams or we both frequent the same restaurants or we we've both been to a particular resort resort somewhere in. You know there's people long for those commonalities to make us feel like we're not the only person that's ever gone to those places so when when you get that it just it makes the conversation more humanistic. I guess is a good way to put it. In all likelihood you know it increases the likelihood of if there is a way to work together you will well we we trust people more. We tend to With whom we we have something in common so gosh. I can't remember where I read this. It might have been Robert Caldeans Book influence but was talking about Yup. Let's say you're you're in France and you're looking for a restaurant then you go to a Frenchman Frenchwoman. You say what's the Best Restaurant Indigo. You've also got the you know that's the no one's my German accent but anyway So you know you get a recommendation from from a local and then you're walking across some little bridge and maybe you're from Michigan and you see you know people with sweatshirts in a t shirts on from Michigan and go..

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