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Boy detective Becker today's guest. Oh, she's throwing herself in right on a good. But you know, that's not how we usually. But here's the thing. But make yourself at home backs. Making your may. Here's your steered jumping in the top of the show. You're sitting in my chair. I have literally in the years. We've been doing the show never sat. Tell me that because I want you to become long. Have you known Jordan? Well, here's the thing. What did he tell you that? He you're right. He wouldn't tell them accommodating. I'll just bring it up weirdly on the show secretly resent you. I sat in this chair. So is true. So I got comfortable with this chair. No. And I want you gave a great performance in that. And I, you know, I want you to bring that level of such an S. No have you guessed is actress writer improviser, interrupt or. Allison Becker from a bubble in parks and recreation, many other venues, you may know her from Jon, Bon Jovi, concerts, everyone. Welcome to the show. Alison, thank you for making yourself at home in Jordan chair. Also, not wearing pants. There's a lot of. There's a lot of stuff happening today. Sure we had to signal notable clothing situations. Number one, Jordan you and I have a Jordan Jesse go show coming up at SF sketch fast. Sure. So we got together a little early to write a few gags for the show. And as you know, Jordan, ESI goes pretty tightly scripted. We'll do one through just by the script. And then will will Brian will let us do a couple for. It's the Vince Vaughn method of working and in this case, we're both Vince Vaughn. Like, Vince Vaughn, mid-nineties yoyo. Yeah, we're not that bloated or not, and sadly, I'm contemporary. Vince Vaughn, Jordan is Jordan is dramatic actor serial killer, Vince Vaughan. Yeah. Do you wanna be park to assure? Picking on. So Jordan deny Jordan. I got together to write a few gags, and our producer Brian say, we'll all all three of us will be SS sketch. I true this fucking tickets assholes those tickets. I'm in this grouchy this chair in me. Have a weird connection. We'd like to tell the listening audience that all the chairs are identical..

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