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Songs triggers you to end up with the exact year. This is the year. These sauce came out first. One is what I am Ibra Cal new behemoth. She's one at beat up Paul salmon though. They remarried. So she did it within the confines of, of marriageable marital bliss. But he did call the cops on her. And he was beat up pretty good. All right. So that's the first one what I am. The next one is Orinoco flow. I thought it was or Noko overflow. They have it listed as Orinoco flow flow by India. That also came out the same year. Not to be confused with Nanya. The locomotion by Kylie. Minogue. Chance mclamb nail that. What's on your mind? By information society. Simply irresistible by Robert plant. Don't worry be happy. Bobby mcferrin. Bad medicine by John by Bon. Jovi. The flame cheap trick. Did I say fast car by Tracy Chapman? And I'll give you one more. See if you can remember what year this all came out in the same year. Oh, this will make it easy. Every rose has its thorn. By postle. Bret michaels. See.

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