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In the wbz newsroom osha is investigating a deadly workplace accident had happened this morning in sharon a catholic retreat in waltham is fighting city plans to take that property by eminent domain and house republicans grill fbi agent david strachan who's anti trump text messages raised questions about to justice department investigations a win on wall street two hundred twenty four points to the good for the dow and a record day for the nasdaq is well a manhunt continues in southern california this afternoon for a man who's apparently attacked his wife with a chainsaw police in whittier california were called to a home yesterday found the woman covered in blood john scroggins is a police spokesman the victim went to a local trauma center she went into surgery and the last i heard her status was that she's in stable condition expected to recover her husband took off before officers arrived at the home he ended up crashing his car and then carjacked another in an effort to escape and again that search continues new jersey police officer at another man now face charges after an attack on a boston college hockey player months ago kevin lo han was beat up at a pizza shop not far from fenway park had happened in january you need a davidge jaw wired shut for weeks authorities now say officer daniel hunt and ian salerno from philadelphia charged with assault and battery low hand by the way is a cousin of actor lindsay lohan the state department of public health is saying enough already when it comes to e cigarettes and kids with nearly half of high school students in the state saying they've tried the electronics smokes well now there's an awareness campaign to inform kids and parents about the health complications it's also on the radar for our surgeon general vivek murthy more kids.

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