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Keys in it euwide aid your car running when you're we're giving your car away yeah now funny was that uh you know you know bike if you if you recall we could go back in time i saw the humor in the stupidity of myself at the time did i not mike i really don't know i gotta say i don't know past i didn't i didn't hear your if you were ripped in your yourself for doing it and i gotta say the then you did that i just lo i did my can then thank you for poor health think i don't think it was very twenty to your your car got stolen i don't think it was very plain graf cat is how ha thanks mike i appreciate it would thing mark how do you get your whole house stolen though mike the whole house like they were like just one durant's that good looking for money and jewelry or something maybe they didn't move is furniture out don't but he said hold on we could play the cut for you get if you want to me if i heard you said this whole houses route his whole house have you ever had your home if you're just joining us in that letter point yeah mike it's about them songs here with the with the word you in the title of the songa here's a song that i would play for an at the blunt is leave me i would latest ray out of the lat i'm scared vehemently denies although it's cleaning clean okay if they hit song yeah i want to kiss you i want to kiss you all overall uh that's a little way sulaiman you one play that for wrong the old granddaughter thanks mike happy new year you're welcome you got ta by regita three happy new high on the move happy new year venoy you're in a mike in orally a month plus out i always suggest each other things besides the big sports stories in the thursday a email the goes out and we played dan one and i had heard it we played the nine one one call from garang can on the field grant can be a doofus grand kiss carried away.

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