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All right welcome back to the show Now let me. Give you a couple of Hot stocks To look at Okay wait let me do this because you are asking questions in in In youtube So Let me let me go ahead and answer some. Questions some by Britain asked what's the best way to protect my? House if I'm getting a? Divorce, okay. Britain this is the question that I have for. You If you get in a divorce did you buy the house? Prior to marrying the person. That, would. Be the first question that I would have okay If you brought the? House prior to marrying the person is not considered marital. Property Okay so if you. Bought the house you ain't gotta worry about protecting it because it's not marital property the only way it can be. Included as marital property is put a a substantial amount of money into, the house meaning, she built the pool or she added in, addition to the house or you know put a deck or garage on. The house and it made, the house value go up by sixty seventy thousand dollars if she didn't. Do that then you ain't gotta worry about protecting because there's not considered marital property. So you good as long as as long as. She didn't do anything like that now she did a substantial upgrade in the house She got a good attorney he gonna make argument that that house. Whatever the value of the house is based on on what you put into it. As far as the pool the garage something else So. As long as you brought it, in advance and as long as you. Didn't refinance. It in her name because. When you refinance got to put on, the deed got to put it on the stuff so as long as you didn't none of that you good, to go, all right Now Yeah it's like that around the country as far as long as you bought it in, advance didn't refinance that house or she didn't do any upgrades All right Let. Me see what did I talk about the past meeting with, forty? Five Eric I talked about. That yesterday Talked about the past stuff? Yesterday, I? Didn't talk about it today Any more questions Let me, see, pamelas asking Kim my husband forced me to refinance the house if it was not set forth in. The divorce. Decree all, right so hamlet if y'all divorced is the and what was in? The the decree All right If you Him in the divorce decree agree that you were gonna pay him half of what the house. Appraises for you haven't paid. That yet he can't get you to refinance the house to get his portion of money that's owed. To him I don't know if that was, the agreement but usually when people, get divorced if they have a marital property in one person. Keeps it the other person agrees to pay them their share of. The money that's usually That's usually what. Will happen Okay If he, quickly this is what the divorce decree. Says were you supposed to pay? Him his share a. Whip the house is. Worth that's the, question. So What else what about divorce house was inherited during marriage. That that's a little bit different too because you inherited is. Is you can make an argument there that is not marital property because it was his inheritance so that's the argument, for you and your lawyers right there. That's a little bit different because? You can argue to. See the side to. Be honest with. You So You need to talk to your lawyers about. That Whatever particular state that. You let me say this thing is not working Johnny Taylor. Says it's cheaper to keep Cheap with Akiba Akiba chiba That's why you gotta know you gotta know you gotta know Abe. Is working for me when I hit it pop. Right up I don't know why it's not working. For us you get hit the Facebooks thing at the bottom The interview ideal Rickey smiley. Show they posted it so I just reposted it Now let. Me give you some stocks Right And let me say this This is why you need the by the book the business, love before you get married or if you marry this book. Is for men and women I didn't. Write a book for women I wrote a book about, business for men and women and in one of the things that I talk about, when it comes to marriage is this if, you've listened to this show have you listened? To me over the years I'll tell anybody this anybody anybody Marriage is the worse contract in the world to, be a bad contract and look everybody falls, but okay though I've been married I'm divorced? I've been there I know, that It's, it's it's it's, a bad. Contract it is. A bad contract It'd be worst, contract you can get into so when you get into this contract you need to have the, right business, partner, because if you don't. Have the right business partner Is a bad contract Right The book be up on the website for order. Monday I'll give you the. Website Monday is on Amazon right. Now I don't know if you can buy, yet but I somebody just told me as a is up there, is is Amazon already So Pure you can buy. It, I, I I didn't know you can buy it. Yet so if y'all combat on Amazon star ordering it, now But you have to have the. Right business partner if you get the right business partner Then. You marriage is the best contract. In the world because you're gonna. Be with the person you ain't eating inning on b you ain't got to worry about it will take the house. Will he will take the 'cause, he go because literally literally you're in a good. Partnership you're in a good business relationship So Listen to what I'm. Saying The, Amazon direct hold on Dan y'all because they haven't. Put it up there yet they're supposed to have it where you can. Get it directly from now so hold. On before you purchase anything let me look at this. Today in the bad Monday. We should, everything worked out you know I have to get walked through because, I had the counter myself which was really me I need to pass by knew how to do all this, stuff I really do We come back. I'm gonna give you the hat, stocks we ever against commercial break we come back I will give you the hashtag so get your pen. And paper out on the geese stocks to look at pay attention to jump on if you want to jump at. Dump on why Talking to. You you're listening to me the WB.

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