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The now looking forward to show off check it out on watch two episodes that hole could a pena capacity at fell completely short his characterize this little it's be met lucas when we had all those good times and i'm like probably haven't yet how many wearing for maybe you're into episodes maybe were in three seasons out i had no idea but now i'm always interested to say that with a new dr ends up being anything else nettling agai let us meyssan isn't isolated safa let us yes it was the basic law asia we learned lanez liu zhongli he today now now the he rheinau in the gun to style was twenty but are well contact us joe hashtag quickly planet paul shoot as a tweets should us a tweets maybe you will be on your face okay when you do it or you can be sitting down bright you can whatever however you want to do what is fine ozarks a gmailcom she was my this is one from only a guy he is an animator on a few seen have you seen this video i have the superman and a my it's great yeah it's all guerin its we are very briefly it's run but it's basically like it's a it's a little animation about the cinematic superman yeah and i guess kind of may hosited by all bras of acp here to bring the character back yes real good that's a bit tongue in cheek yes bit of a bloody laugh digital characters we have insane all right anyway really good at an animated aegis it is the amount in and he just said he's an imf uk's included bus in it and he made it as someone who loves the new movies but enjoys how polarizing the reactions to them have by absolitely zone yes so if you just if you just go to youtube and look up in bromley your i'll be on his by deve the as rubio ruger new check it out new new uses got the should have a million views the doesn't i'll be real angry.

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