Macy, Peter Fagin, President Trump discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


That's when we will continue our special thanksgiving holiday programming here on WTMJ hoping to catch up with bucks. President and Pfizer foreign president. Peter Fagin about a really neat event that they have happening in just a few hours at five serve forum, and we'll hope to catch up with Peter just a couple of seconds. If you missed the end of last hour, good news in New York. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade despite the very cold weather. This is the coldest parade. They're going to have the coldest weather for the parade that they're going to have in several decades. It's in the teens low twenty s or so. And that is just kicked off in the last couple of minutes. Also, the the winds have played nice. There was talk up until an hour or so ago that the balloons would not fly they will not be allowed to be released and be part of the parade. If the wind gusts were over thirty two miles an hour, so they've kind of subsided. So that is good news. And the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade is off and running still to come this hour coming up at eight twenty one we had a chance earlier this morning to talk with Phyllis Kramer, a Butterball Turkey talk line expert. She's been doing it for the better part of thirty years. And we're going to bring back that conversation because she was outstanding. She's a grandma and on her thanksgiving's for thirty years. She has spent it there in the Chicago land area. Working the Butterball Turkey talk line. So we'll bring that back. And if you're..

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