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Need help? Call us toll free, John. You wanna call peeps and company? John. I'm sorry. I disappeared there for a second. Because I attempted to call the peeps people. I thought it was going to be a three way call, but it turned out that it is just put you on hold first thing that happened is that my phone thought that I was calling quakertown veterinary clinic, which was not correct. I don't know why thought that. But then they put me on hold. And they said that they would we're looking forward to talking to me. So I just hung up on them. I mean, what are we going to chat about was that was never going to be? I just wanted. I wanna know who owns their company if it's publicly traded can I buy stock to Greek question, actually, so Laura until your family that you're just not into peeps anymore. But you do love peanut Eminem's job. We got another question. It's from Dreyer who asks dear Anka John last year joined the bone marrow registry. To help someone with cancer. I found out that I have a match very excited to help a patient and the procedure is scheduled for the end of the month. There's one problem. I am really nervous. The more. I hear about the surgery the Wu's ear, I feel it's not particularly risky, but I've never stayed in a hospital. For the first time they took blood samples, I almost passed out. Do you have any hospital tips? Definitely not a Dr dre. I totally see how this is a difficult thing. And yet it's a really good and important thing to do dry. And so it's one of those things where you're gonna have to overcome your fears. But I think sometimes helps with that stuff to just hear someone say that what you're doing is awesome. So I wanna say that what you're doing is awesome. Give someone a chance at life and it's so important to register at the bone marrow registry. It's easy to do. You can Google it right now, they send you the stuff that you need to do. It's please do it. And a I know this is going to be stressful in a little bit difficult, but it's only gonna be a little bit difficult, and you're going to be fun. Yeah. I almost passed out from getting needle pokes before. And then. At turned out that I had to get a lot of those. And I have had, you know, probably three figures of them by this point in my life. And and now they're not a big deal for me. And definitely used to be scary definitely used to be something that I dreaded and that. And even like to be clear, even now sometimes like I won't have had enough food that day or something. And like I'll be like I need to go sit in the special chair Phil take into the special chair all sit down. But yeah, it is as with many things when you have never done something before. And it is a, you know, it's a deal you you will feel Losey about it. You will feel scared about it. And and that is completely normal. But within you are doing is super awesome. And on the other side of it. You're going to be really grateful for the opportunity. So that's something. I think about as well when I'm stressed out about something. I think about what it's gonna feel on the other side of it. Like, this isn't a perfect analog. But I remember when I had the opportunity to drive the pace car for an IndyCar race. Yeah. I was nervous. I was so scared, and I just kept telling myself, you know, when this is over it's going to have felt really cool to have done this. And you know, it mostly did I was still a little stressed out. Like, I how fast is the pace cargo. Well, two schools of thought on that. There's how fast the drivers would have liked the pace car ago go which was significantly faster than I was driving. And then there was how I was driving. So some Simone passionate had the pull that day. I recall, and I realized that we've got a little bit off your question. But we'll get back to Simone Pashto had the poll, Hank. And he kept like racing right up to my bumper. Like, I've never gated like that before except I was being tailgated by like a half million dollar car that goes two hundred forty miles an hour. And fortunately, Sarah, Fisher was sitting next to me..

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