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Eight seven three seven seven six. Mike live, Stephen ESPN radio. What's up? I appreciate your thoughtful analysis and assessment, Josh Gordon situation. I think one of the things that I think it's overlooked a little bit in addiction, and it is a certain amount of narcissism kind of meet all about me type attitude, and I do hope he gets he gets help. I'm just not sure how many more chances of the NFL needs to give him and it goes to the issue of teammates and being able to rely on him, and and those issues, and I certainly my heart goes out to him. I hope he gets better. I just don't know how many other shots. He has added. I think the issue of narcissism something probably needs to be peeled back when it comes to these issues. Maybe so maybe I don't know to answer that question. But I certainly can't definitively say wrong, I can tell you that appreciate the call, Mike. Thank you so much, by the way, this is a statement of from Josh Gorda on his Twitter account flash. Gordon? He says, quote, I take my mental health very seriously at this point to ensure I remain able to. Perform at the highest level. I have recently felt like I could have a better grasp on things mentally with that said I will be stepping away from the football field for bit to focus on my mental health. I would like to thank coach Bill Belichick Mr. craft as well as countless others within the patriots organization for their continued support. I want to thank my fans for their support as well as I continue down a path getting back to one hundred percent we've heard this from Josh Cody before. We have and mental health. That's a word is being thrown out there. I mean what what's going on? Why is it mental health replaced by the word drug addiction? And as we pointed out this morning I tape which is on ESPN every weekday morning from ten AM to noon eastern time, nine AM. I'm sorry. Seven AM to nine AM Pacific. You know, this statement was was was was was released by flash, Gordon. Josh Gordon after the NFL networks top grow. Reveal that he was facing another indefinite suspension for violating the terms of his reinstatement of the league's substance abuse policy. So you try to beat it to the Pat at the path either you or your handlers lot by putting out some statement that quite honestly comes across as a bit disingenuous. You're acting like you walk away. When in fact, you knew by this afternoon, you going to be forced out..

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