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So while we're in the movie my phone starts blowing up and by blowing up I mean vibrating. Allot as if I'm getting text messages and growing so my daughter was with us and my son was at home and I just looked at it quickly to see if that was him. Something was wrong or whatnot and I looked at the phone and it wasn't him. It was a guy that we used to work with that we really love is one of the war. We always say he was the exact definition of abro. Always having a good time. Always you know come over. Let's do this. Let's do that whether it's in He's called Charlie in good time. Charley yeah so I don't. Har Hardly ever hear from Charlie. He he used to work here in the building us where we are in Charlotte then he moved to Texas. Now he's in Florida. We will talk every now and then I think the last time I was in south Florida on a little getaway in an exchange messages and talk to try to get together but we couldn't work it out so he sends text messages. I don't pull the phone out and go through them because people freak out when you do that and there were at least two other people in the theater so then. My phone starts quick vibrating. Meaning somebody's calling. And I look and his Charlie. Colin can't get him text so I'm trying to call. It still couldn't answer the phone by the time we get out of the movie as the movie is ending. He's going through the process again texting then trying to call so finally when I got out of the movie I expect said Hey. I'm sorry I was in a movie. I couldn't respond. What's going on. And he sent a picture of some Some young ladies nothing battering than just some young women's and he said these are two of y'alls fans that I have run into ear in south Florida. Evidently their friends of his buddies daughter or something so it wasn't anything at all in the way of flirty or anything like that. It was just like scandalous city. No way cool this cool guy. Charlie knows you know the guys that y'all listen to in the morning. I can call TJ right. Now I'll take some right thing so I was texting with him and then He gave his phone to the girls. And then they were talking back and forth with me and Of course you know I'm pumping him up like hey didn't Charlie's our hero and La La And one of them's name's Matty and so it reminded me of times when we were in The ESPN club. Disney and we saw all of those people. Were Wear Miami Hurricanes Jackets Jerseys and stuff and we were waiting to get a table and you had jump at a table when somebody vacated it. There wasn't any way you know you get online. Get in line for a table and I said hey listen to Paul Castro Novo in the mornings in Miami and they said Yeah. We Love poll you so then are called. Paul and Hesse. Hey Talk to him when you give us your table when you get up so he hated me for that but it was one of those. Because I've been there though. I'm wondering has there ever been a time when you were out somewhere talking to somebody maybe got into an argument about something and you wish you had our number is at ny where you wish you had our personal numbers so you can call and say. Hey riggins didn't you say that you would never date a woman who has kids or who is already pregnant. Which by the way your way to pick pregnant women low. I don't know if we'll get into that someday. My my whole thing about Dayton pregnant women Maybe you were somewhere. And somebody didn't get all the details of aces Engagement or whatnot. He said look. I'll call him right now or You saw somebody in in you. Were trying to explain to them something that we talked about on the air. You couldn't get all the details so you let's let's just column win of you ever been in that spot where you wish. You had our personal numbers to call us. This can be fun. I think this could be hilarious. And they're not too scared to respond because they might get corona the Wuhan Corona of the Barnum Wuhan Corona. So one triple eight forty one. Eight one eight four one to twenty three eighty five or Damase win. You wish you had our numbers this is the TJ show more this is the as Tj show Alexa Serey. Hey Google we're voice ready on all devices. Vis-a plays TJ here. Our show live or on demand. Stay connected funny on the act..

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