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You decide to become a member of Manisha air Medicare is a way to pay for your health care and typically cost five hundred dollars less per month for a family versus other health care plans so seriously think about this you can pay off loans paid on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity that would be a big deal but you know what here's the best this is a commercial announcement Nancy Pelosi wants to steamroll impeachment but polls show support for it is dropping now you can vote in news Max's poll asking if president trump should be impeached just text the word rock tonight five five seven seven that's rock tonight five five seven seven and vote immediately in the news Max impeachment poll newsmax polls have been cited by all the major media let your voice be heard text the word rock tonight five five seven seven and remember watch newsmax TV it's real news for real people what we learned from a congressional hearing yesterday there was a prediction of crashes with the Boeing seven thirty seven MAX airliners currently grounded after two deadly crashes business reporter Jessica adding has more on the document making the prediction that was discussed at the hearing with the new F. A. A. chief Steve decks and listen to this exchange when one congressman accuse the FAA of ignoring the whistle blower information I know you just got on the job but it is just write you letters he sent you extensive information didn't answer yeah on on production problems that he identified at the written facility yes so my question to you is heavy interviewed Mister Pearson we have reached out to Mr person to schedule that's not my question heavy interview why no the way of contacting him yes so I don't know if I'm not shooting he said right over there Dixon testified for three hours on lax safety measures at Boeing the agency has been accused of being too cozy with the plane maker thanks.

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