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Going to touch him. He'll start to realize that the bad behavior is not working anymore. And when your dog gets the idea that you want him to lay still, or you want him to just lie down when people come over and ring the doorbell, he's going to do it because your dog wants to please you. And he wants to be with you. It's important to understand that dogs are very sensitive to you. Your body language. What you're doing, where are you looking? How are you carrying yourself? People get into trouble because they want their dogs to be there for them. When they want them there, then they want their dogs to do a disappearing act when they don't want them there. When they're not in the mood. They want to be able to flick the dog on like a light switch. Once you understand how dogs think, how they communicate what their body language means, you can teach them just about anything. How to go to the bathroom outside, how to heal, sit, stay, how to behave when people come over to the house. The key to it all is patience, calm leadership, and total consistency. So that your dog is able to learn the rules. Because dogs need rules. Doing that will make your dot com and fun to be around. And don't forget, they need plenty of exercise. Get more tips and animal radio dot com. Remember, if you have questions about anything you've heard on today's show, visit us over at animal radio pet or download the animal radio app for iPhone and Android all updated all new. It is cool. It is free and you actually look sexier with the app. Not a lot of people know that is one of the effects. But if you download it to your phone, you look sexier. Like, look, do I look sexier than I did before I download it? Of course. You're safe. So there's so many reasons to download it. So do it now. This is animal radio. All of us here at fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start daydreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far, so you will be ready for your next adventure once it's safe to travel. That's vital friendly dot com. Until then, stay safe and leave no dog behind. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. It's animal radio celebrating the connection with our pets. And last hour we learned that soon, the animals will be talking to us. Scary stuff. Where do you get these stories? Do you validate the history? Of course. This story actually stems from a story that Amazon did. Late last year, because they're looking for trends. And it turned up a bunch of different projects that are going on in research. And experts who are actually working in the field of artificial intelligence and trying to make animals talk. You know, in effect. If you missed the news story, it's so easy to hear it again. Just head on over to animal radio pet or download the animal radio app for iPhone or Android. What do you have for this hour? Coming up, I have a great list for you. It's got two lists actually in one. The number one reason for vet visits, what makes you take your pet to the vet. And the top ten items that pets eat that they shouldn't that makes you take them to the vet. Okay, I'm sure you have your own stories, doctor Debbie. Yes, I have my favorites, but I'd have to say eating things is definitely by far one of the most common reasons people bring their animals to the vet. And we're going to find out exactly what is it that they're eating in just a few minutes right here on animal radio. You know, who is also going to be on the show in just a couple of minutes, vlade, the world famous Russian dog wizard. And that name may sound familiar to you if you're a longtime listener, you know, about vlade. If you're a brand new listener, he's coming up in just a couple of minutes and you want to stick around for that. But first, let's head to the phones for your calls. Welcome to the show, John. Hello. Hey. How are you? Good. I have doctor Debbie right here. What's going on with your animal? Oh, I have a female border collie. And I also have one of her sons because they're cow dogs, and we work cows with them. Anyway, we were gone for a few days and didn't realize that she had come in heat and sure enough, the day we got home, we noticed that her son had bred her or read her that day. Oh, okay. So what we could do about that, if there's a morning after pill or something for a dog or yeah, well, you know, the best thing that I could suggest is to have this baby spade. That's the honest truth here. You know, she's at an age already at 6 where if she's not spayed, we do have to be a watchful for some other health problems that are coming on. Pyometra, which is a uterine infection, plus all the different cancers in the reproductive tract. So I don't see a reason that I would endorse allowing a pregnancy to go forward at this point. But in response to your question, is there a miss mating pill you can give? There's really not a pill that we give to dogs to terminate pregnancy. It's kind of for me, I have to say, it's something I don't do a lot of reproductive work because I don't particularly enjoy it. I think we have enough doggies on this earth that we don't need to really be reproducing them for them. But there are some different miss mating techniques that can be done. Generally, in the U.S., they're limited to treatment 30 days after they've already become pregnant. So you've already got a pretty full, almost full term pregnancy there. So for me, I find that a little distasteful to have to terminate pregnancies at that point. So those are different types of injection techniques that are done. In other countries, they do have some injections that can be done early into the pregnancy. Just almost immediately after breeding. But it's really not very widespread in the U.S.. You could always check around and see if your area, if you have any kind of reproductive specialists that have this available. But it's really not advised. I'd say to let this baby go for it. Now, what would be the puppies would be like? And what kind of concerns do you have? When we breed too closely related dogs, whether they're brother and sister, father and daughter, you run the risk of concentrating genes. So normally this is done with any breeding operation. They'll take a good dog and a good dog. And they hope to have more good genes. So if we've got any kind of recessive genes, any bad genes in there, you're going to have a more likely expression of those genes. And in colleagues, there's certainly every braids got them, but there's certainly some that we'd be worried about that that could concentrate eye anomaly as one of them. There's a neutrophil problem. There's some neurologic problems, some recessive type diseases that can occur. So there is some potential, but I see in the wide vast number of closely related dogs that breed, we don't always see a bunch of abnormal puppies. But you do definitely run that risk of having some of those certain diseases expressed more likely. I don't know if the parents have any kind of health problems or anything that in any related to health problems and we use this dog. She's out of a national champion stock dog and we usually breed her to along those bloodlines, not the same bloodlines, but to champion stock dogs and then we train the pups and sell them to ranchers. So it's not like just a normal just a normal dog, you know? Okay. All right. That's the reason why I don't want to spare because we sell the puppies for a lot of money. Oh, gosh. You breaking my heart here, man. It 6 years, and she put her years in. Is there uterus done? This is my opinion here, and I'd have to say that it's just maybe a time you need to really consider has she done her service for

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