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Author's corner we're taking you to Georgia where I had a great conversation with this woman off the air Julie Rogers has written a book a children's book called cold and the bull frog adventure I mean first of all dole frogs and I think of frogs and my own childhood in cherry hill New Jersey and the frogs croaking in the backyard so immediately I knew I was going to like her and this book is so clever Julie thanks so much for coming on well I'm glad to be here so let's talk about what made you decide you're gonna write a children's book because so many people have these ideas of writing a book a children's book a novel or whatever but they never do it what inspired you to begin writing a children's book well I retired from teaching and I've always felt that I wanted to write a book but it to me nearly six years to decide consulted down and right one but my grandchildren got behind me and wanted me to do it says have pushed forward and decided to go ahead with it no it's interesting you and I talked about one of your grandchildren Colton and he helped you with the book that probably was motivating goal is that like to think through his eyes and being with him and doing this he was really excited about it and he urged me they was really excited and hate being on ward he was excited about stating the frog and morning to know what frog do you and when he found out I was going to really do the as he got behind me and making sure that I was wrong ask he was really the man that was old enough to know what was going on down there yeah we're excited and and when we started making funny sounds they were really excited yeah we should explain everyone I think that's the that's the interesting thing and I bet there's people out there I'd mention the croaking of the frogs and it really is unique isn't it because there's a lot of different sounds that frogs Megan I I told you there's so many different kinds of frogs it's amazing when you start to look into this but I can only imagine what that was like having him learn those sounds were your was one of your in laws and perhaps your own child ready to strangle youth in the they were all ready to strangle on women's running around the house making you differ on fans that we were making they were excited about it and did they had they had to learn something new and they were sharing all the time for the week there that's so so funny so what did you want to talk about this too what what what what did you find out about frogs it was so interesting is that the sounds that they make well not only the sounds that they might but when he found out about their mating habits the handles that was very interesting I found out about where they Lee L. and we and they hung there were just a lot of things that we didn't know that were interesting yes it's that so it's not face value you see a frog but you don't realize it comes it's like anything that we think of right and you were a teacher in our mind so what's the deal with frogs and there's much more to that than than meets the eye right yes a lot more I love that and again we're speaking with a Julie Rogers he's read a book called Colton and the bull frog adventure as some of you can relate that our grandparents out there others with kids and this is a children's book who did the illustrations for your book they're beautiful okay but there are no that's okay because that I was the reason I brought it up is because he did such a great job and on the cover of the book it's it's Joshua Allen who did the illustrations thank you yeah that's okay Joshua did a great job because on you see in the back there's a flashlight and there is a you can see the back of a man a little boy and then the light and you see the frog with the guys and the light shining on the frog so is that a pond that's related to you do you have a pond near your house well actually I have a small fish pond in my backyard and we pretended our imagination more Denver clam and we pretended that that was a pond in their backyard I love it so tell us about writing the meat of the book what is the if if I ask you which I am asking you now Hey we know it's about frogs tell us a little bit more what is the book really about what's the lesson in the book I realized the last man in the moon is about respect at that age children today do not understand respect I don't understand respect that a lot of times per animals and a lot of times for adults elder elderly people our NGOs my age I'm not in the order but they don't understand respect for people and for pay it and this is something that they need to learn and that's what I felt like they would get from this story is tasked to respect their grandparents and pay it and I'll just wild animals they need to learn the S. and that's what Colton was due and he was learning to restate trunks to listen and respect for Aug and to respect his crane who's out there we the and teaching them about wild animals yeah well and for your for your husband and putting the book together and saying you're going to do it what was it I would imagine so always was kind of speechless when it all came together it's a beautiful looking Buck yes I think he was speechless I but he really wasn't sure whether I would do it and then I think he was not sure that would publish it so he he was actually I think he was excited when I got that far yeah no kidding well it is published you can get it on Amazon dot com that's one of the many places Colton in the bull frog adventure and we're speaking with Julie Rogers about frog's really in about being with her grandson and actually putting this together so you know this is one grandchild is there's others that are going to one and your children's everybody want a piece of this negative two books with everyone well we all right the home the only stars so I guess I'm gonna go to four I love it what a great way to spend time with your grandchildren there's no question about it Julie thanks so much for joining us on the shelf thank you I've enjoyed it all right so it was so interesting to talk about the frogs and you heard Julie to me because that's when the growing up I can remember soon as a summer hit them here and frogs and just the various noises and that's what truly one we talked and you heard there as she said for awhile how the kids are running around and they were they were croaking like frogs and so here on the author's corner I just wanted to say this that I look this up that the you know there are six thousand species of frogs six thousand can you imagine that and of course a frog I look if you look at the definition of a frog it's a member of a diverse and largely carnivorous group this is the definition of short body the tailless amphibians composing composing of the order a Nora in the wild I had no idea but here's a here's the other cool part about this is that if you look at the the origins of it this goes they go all the way back they tie all the way back to two hundred and sixty five million years ago and this is another thing too and I were talking about you know in your backyard you see different frogs and try to identify what kind of problems they are and I've been at a lot of different places where they have frogs roll over the place that the south American horned frog which is beautiful looking and then I think one of the most beautiful frogs I've ever seen is a poison dart frog and is bluish.

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