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That's a good one and for Allah, is she like all over she hasn't seen it yet. She's heard it on my like spotify whatever. But like I always play Doh Rabi Foster let's do in the I act like. I'm delete your Maria Maria. L.. Likes Act out things in so it's five Jack says he doesn't now but I know that he does. He's eight. He's like no stop watching the cartoon. I'll here's the voice over actors and I'm like Hey, I can do that the glibly posit posit posit I can see that line better and who I can. Talk Mom. We had a dance party and I put on footloose. I thought I was in that movie from the original as. In. I was dancing are. Elements like mom that was good. He isn't there a lot of the cooking was that the style is a lot of book kicking. There's a lot of putting in just A. Jerking, right. It's mostly like below the knees. It's like railing your dress a little bit took. Him Props. Havoc. Crazy person l loved it. Okay. What does a trait you dislike in others? There's a few people who are pretentious in unkind. And only nice people who seemingly only matters in that space I? Love that because it's so common in our industry Oh my God, how do you trust somebody? WHO's like? That was great. That was great. That was great but then My experienced. If they've said, you know that wasn't so great. I'm like I don't WanNa work with you anymore goodbye. Like we call to. The duplicity. I guess it's two different types of things like I think we're tired to things like if you're talking about like director who's not telling you the truth about what you're doing. Then that's not a good director because you're gonNA. Crazy. So hopefully, they're telling you that let's retake that in there have been times where directors have said how about we try it this way and I'm like oh great. You know let's do that but makes sense sure I don't think bathroom kind but I don't like when this happens in the industry where you're at a party or you know somebody or you see somebody and they're not kind or you're not important enough. To be who they are around you or to be nice. You're so right. I can't stand when people are just not kind people like it doesn't take anything to be kind. You know even if you're tired it's like, Hey, they see you whatever it doesn't have to be a long conversation like I was telling you like even in what's your number? You know there were people who were just not nice and you can tell who they were nice to and they weren't nice to you. You you know what I mean, and it was just like, Oh okay. I see you but it's always interesting when the thing they thought was gonNA do whatever for their careers doesn't happen but the thing is like you just have to be kind regardless of where your career is completely. Okay. What does a trait you disliking yourself? ooh, that's a good one. I think sometimes questioning my instinct you know like questioning what my gut like was the right thing to do even if it's For a moment or can I do it? Can I push this four just questioning myself I think or allowing other people's questions to make me I. Think it's good that people questioned you because it makes you analyze in really figure out why you WanNa do something. But when they questioned me to the point where they made me feel like I can't do it and then I question my first reaction of thought could dad making me question myself and then me actually be in like. Maybe, I can't do it. Yeah. Giving people my power really I wish I could trust my instinct all the time I know that I might be a real fucking housing. I mean I feel like you've got is usually right. At the time I, think you're right like ninety nine point nine percent of the. Yeah. Okay. To whom would you most like to apologize on why Oh my God In. My adult years. I'd like to apologize to everybody I've ever slide it. And if I did it not if they felt that way Tika so understand because I hate the idea that somebody would have had a very minor interaction but they recognize me and it became something much larger in their head without my intention at all way, I would hate that their perception of me or if they had liked me before maybe they wouldn't you know. But I also think that it's really an exhausting way to live to I. Don't know if you feel that way Oh God walking around not yet. That's exhausting. I always try to say I think the best about people like trying not. To go straight to they did this to me on purpose or you know they treated me like that on purpose like I do try to say, well, you know money think the best of this person rather than go straight to the negative part right. But that's so hard to remember having minor interactions with the celebrities and any little thing but they ordered what they were doing with their per like every single thing was so seared into my brain. Oh, see took it all to heart. Well, just the idea that if I inadvertently like didn't hold the door open for you know the old man, the cane. All? You know I be like Shit Bitch. For any more I'm going to write. I know now everybody's ready about their lights liberty interaction. He's. He wasn't even that hurt. Guys, his caned Levin even real yeah. Like Oh and I could tell him was moving faster. Towards me. Yeah. I mean even just people in our industry and you know listen even me talking about people being unkind like I. Don't know what people were going through at that moment. You know so I just got think the best I completely agree, right okay. So if you could live anywhere in the world for a year UPI Harris, my dream is to buy a I don't even know how you say this paradise. is Ta would feel like that's the sexy place where people go..

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