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Is Not a natural thing for women to go after intimate different times. Look at wait a minute. When we look at any other species we are animals that are basic? Will you take a cow. You put one bill that he can inseminate all of them at once that they don't even want to deal with any other. How okay I see what that calf if you put a different ball in there? She'll get pregnant by him. She Ain't get frightened about the same pool. She'll get pregnant number full. What are you talking about? Offs are the more Sunday. You'll be okay if you're white cheat on you know no because standing the argument that you've got to have this ridiculous built different. We have all Taba consultant outside and I'm just like in anywhere but the woman let you inside of her. There's more to it for act like all we could do exactly the men you'll also also for you to it for you because just because every woman you'll lay down what made you fall in love. That don't mean every woman. Yeah the way. God made the woman spiritually as well as mentally makes mention what one man. I'm sorry Bentham in different women and I'm not about to say of this argument. That's a that's not even real this sound sexist to only be one day but let's go back let's go back to to Lonnie love because Lonnie loves. Statement is based off her deep disappointment and finding a black mate and I see I could respect that we have let the women down and we have to admit that it's got to be some balancing the compensation she we deserve that type of statement in a sense because we have not done right but we go right by women. I'm bringing balance to it because we have not done right women you'll be disingenuous to say that that black men have done right by their women getting them pregnant and then leaving them to raise their children by themselves. Answer some other questions that people don't want to answer. Yeah let's figure out why the black man has not been able to be a head of his household let's break it down one let's look at it Carson Racer to. Let's look look at the fact that we have these women out here now WanNa be noon and when a man tries to step up. Oh no you can't treat me. You can't wait a minute. I'm just trying China set order. They're not letting noon be mad. So there's a lot of the Senate statement you start taking. It was aroma. Just stay meridia. 'cause you don't let no man be a man man is a man and I don't know I'm GonNa let you be a man. This time held no the day what I mean by that in our society right now you as a man and father have no sale your child you know if they call the police. Let's look at our pedal legal system. All a woman has to do is see really WanNa get to you gotTA causing call to police down her side right if you get a divorce or if you take a towel support for where do you win at. BJ Come on begins. It begins the process before you even get to that. You got to treat the woman right to put her at ease. The makerfield secure these women are acting out of insecurity. They left out here by themselves because of ignorance this is the only recourse. They think they have calling the white man on us to get they live together. And that's the sad and that's our fault. As men we got to take responsibility. Disagree disagree I think the winner all screwed not absolutely a women doing the the payment other windows and when they need me they're not evaluating the value of them out of the hurt of so they pick men that will heart the live up to what they want does the problem bio soberness having a conversation about women. I'm not a male chauvinist. Listen I'm a real black children and Sunday is to Sunday's a real black man I am too. You just don't like what we say. Show I think you I remain a book but the truth is true and nobody wants to have a real conversation because take away whereas I have never never say you feel if an or you want to see it at different doesn't make a change. Biology truth doesn't change but all of a sudden you tell the truth on something and that's the thing look how hard she is on black men you a hypocrite. Look hard you are on have you. You don't say anything positive to reinforce us as black men on this show. You always put this down. You always thought about you know you don't need need a man you don't make me. I am a man. You don't let me focus on you being a boy and I'm not that but you don't you don't it doesn't mean you get a square definition. What a man is? Because I'll confused at that. Tell me what your definition of a man amendment is my definition of man. A manly he. He he holds his own. He's he's not scared. He's unapologetic He's not indoctrinated..

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