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So don't let it paralyze you or hold you back. This is Tina Powell with this week CENA's tips. Thank you. Tina back with Louise are wonderful guest. So we were talking about how you give back and different ways that you give back and to the community. But so so what I came to realize that I couldn't really change the New York City public school system. But I know that I for someone who if I didn't have my art my music, my dance, my sports, I would've never found self esteem because I didn't feel self esteem from eight in the morning to three PM in my school day, but it was through excelling through expressing myself differently. That I found the passion to figure out what I need to figure out from school. I was undecided knows with dyslexia until sixth grade. And I had a forty five percent reading comprehension at that time, which, you know, having two children who were dyslexic. I am a big advocate of voice and. Giving my children the language to say, I just learn differently. That's it. That's all it is. But going back to change for kids. What I will say is that, you know, I'm so grateful that my mother sort of empowered me with a vision that I don't need to change the world. I just need to put my thumbprint on the world around me. And so I knew I couldn't change the New York City school system, but I could change one child one class one school one community and through that we are in twelve schools. We started with I mean in the nineties we just delivered them supplies for kindergarten school in in Brooklyn in bed stuy, and now we have twelve schools and we provide programs. So I just think that we never should believe that we can't make a difference. That's wonderful. So you're so well rounded, you know, you have your business you have this and your two children U side. Do they are first of all I told you earlier that kissed a lot of frogs before I met Matt shout out to you. Chris I love you. It's great. But yeah. And actually one of my clients set me up with my husband on a blind date. So, you know, I'm just saying don't don't wait for the miracle to happen. Wait for the American. Yeah. That's that's that's well said and you have to children. How old are your children? I have a son who is just turned fifteen and Douglas graduated from windward of eighth grade. And he's now at a boarding school by his own choice. I was so proud of him. He really navigated the application process all on his own just deciding that he was going to look for a home and be very purposeful about it and was accepted into seven of the eight schools that he applied to this is somebody who's they're very dyslexic. So I'm super proud of him and he's at Salisbury, which is the number to hockey school in the country, and he is a hockey player. That's incredible. And my younger, son. Kenneth who am we're a family that serfs all over the world. That's kind of we play together to stay together was our little motto. And he just broke his arm playing hockey, but a little chess player and surfer and little entrepreneur himself. Because he has a little resell business for supreme close, which I think is kind of cute. Oh, that's exciting. So that's really wonderful. So your your boys are motivated like their mom, obviously, which is enter debt and their dad quite an entrepreneur himself. So I think that spirit of being an entrepreneur is something that I think that I think a lot of people have. But it's scary. I think it's like, you know, the green thumb you have to feed if to feed the information, you have to feed the experience, you have to water your plants, and that happens for us at dinnertime us talking about our days talking about ideas, you know, and you know, my sons have talked about wanting to have video game and chocolate making businesses because two things they love right? What's the great messaging? There. Do what you love do what you love and take a chance. I think that a lot of people sit back, and they they may not be ready to take that chance. But I think hearing. How inspiring you are in your story should give people that opportunity, and you don't know where the world is gonna take you came here as a dancer, and now you're one of the top brokers for real estate, you know, that's pretty amazing door closes. I promise you one to two to three open. Now, I agree with that. And always having the positive attitude and the can do attitude. I think as entrepreneurs we realized there is nothing you can't do or figure out you figure it out. Absolutely in the thick skin that we acquire. Because knows the no you can't. No, you can't. It's like, okay. Well, maybe he'll say, yes. If I say that way and being in the arts, you know, that yes, I me personally being trying out for things as a child. My dad was a film producer, and I would try out for things and not get them and the thicker the skin you realize I can do it. I can do more. I can I can create my own acting school. I can do this. I can do that. And eventually it evolves. And you see how how it it just? Happens. So I'm you serve Manhattan. And where else do you serve as far as just recently? Interestingly enough, you're commenting on one of my that's Louise Phillips Forbes dot com. You could find the real estate offerings. Meetings for kids dot org, by the way. Yes. But I will tell you that we I just recently about five months ago got listed. I just got my license in Westchester because I had a friend who wanted me to sell this amazing, Sanford, white home at premium point in Larchmont in Westchester, and the brokers all were telling her that she could couldn't get ten million dollars. She was like you can't ask any more than ten million dollars. And I was like it's twenty three thousand square feet with views of water in every room. And it's thirteen bedrooms on you know, on the water thirty two minutes from New York City. I don't I don't buy it. And I said you're not gonna fit in a box. You were going to be a one of a kind because it is. She was like, why don't you sell it? And so we have a contract signed in less than five months. Oh my goodness. That's exciting. Really exciting. And we I think that again. Having a business is built on relationships is where we strip away those limitations. You know, it's like I need particularly being driven relational. I wanna do what I can do for you. No matter what. And so whether I benefit from it financially or not is sort of secondary. If you because for me, the the the Zing is doing something that makes me witness your good experience. And so connecting those dots is something that that is one of those things that I've enjoyed doing until Westchester market watch out here. I come here. She comes and Manhattan. Yes. Indeed. Oh, absolutely. And then Brooklyn, I'm in Harlem, I mean, you know, I go where where my relationships are fantastic. I've also had the privilege to build or convert about thirty development projects and that in itself is really creating a community in itself, which is also different every time and really that puzzle. It's amazing. I love your energy. And I love who you are. And what you have told our our listeners. It's just wonderful wonderful wonderful. And I love to have you back. Awesome. Zack. Yeah. We'll talk about it. Because I think you would be incredible. I just took so much from from this conversation. I want to thank you again. Your air being such an incredible guest. I'm Eric Lupo. And you're listening to.

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