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In the big stick. It's Chang doing probably won't cost much Do you love John? It's very catchy them. I mean, it's a good song. Yeah way were watching the intro online. It has a translation and, like one of the lines is he has the biggest peopie in the world like that's one of the lines in the song. Why? Why does a 445678 year old? Like Why is Well? I mean, you gotta Gotta get my low self esteem right now, don't you? Aren't they gonna be looking at that and looking at them? You know, e think it's gonna be full shame from day one. So he's gonna be doing the video tomorrow. Mason's gonna be are running around with balloons tied to his That's one point. I mean, I don't know what message given 4 to 8 year olds like we load up the phone lines here. What do we have to give away? We have a gift card to Hooters to give away Don't want the transition. We have a $50 gift card to Hooters. It's football season. You need your wings. Hooters. Got him. Here's 50 bucks to Hooters. What they have great wings. You You should be an advertising executive. So let's go every five callers 5 10 15 23 50. I've got 10 questions, okay? This is it's the Bears playoff payoff If you will won't look atyou. These are all questions involving bears playoff games from the last 20 years from 2001 through 2018. This is all having to do with their first playoff game of each of those years that they've made the playoffs. So like there won't be a question about Bears Packers NFC Championship game or in the first round of the postseason. So I wanted to give trivia questions for all the first round matchups the Bears have been in over the last couple of decades. So what? How are we going to do this? Is you helping? There is one that I believe I can stump everybody. I think you go. I I don't I don't think I'm going to be very good at this. Oh, no. I think most of these, you'll get easily. I think for you most. There's one that surprised me that I forgot about somebody. And I've made it a question. I think out of the 10 8 are extremely extremely easy If you follow the Bears, If you get your question, right, you go in the hopper. If you're wrong, we hang up on you. And we shame you And you have to go. John Guillemin. Many guys probably wouldn't mind going to see that. So why are you going to be if people want your help? I can. Yeah, I'm just gonna advertise that. How about you go? You do give the hint If they Okay, There you go. I'll give you his. I think it's so easy that if you're just going to do the guessing for them It's not much fun, is it? No. Okay. I'm not gonna give you the gas. I can try and give you a hint. You give them an extra hint that I didn't in under there. All right, so 3123323776 sort of like a bear's playoff payoff. The winner will get the gift card to Hooters. You let me know when the call went. Any of the colors are ready and you could introduce them and I'll give I'll give the questions. We go to Gil in new athletics. What's happening, boy? You big up. There's fan. Oh, yeah. All right, so we're going Tol first round matchup between the Bears and Seattle Seahawks. This happened back. I believe this was in 2020 10 season. Here's your question. Okay after causing a minor quake in Seattle the week before the Bears defense held this Seahawks running back to just two yards rushing. I know what's his name, Sean. Alexander That is incorrect. Oh, no, You didn't even go for the clue, was it? That was a good one, though. Like Shaun Alexander was a great Seattle running the film. That would be him. I don't know. Now he did face the Bears. I believe it was in the 06 playoffs. But by 2010. I believe he was gone a while. You know the answer to this question, don't you? Is it Ricky Waters know Marshawn Lynch? Yes. The visit my fucking my club in there after causing a minor quake in Seattle the week before. That's beast Quake! I don't remember the beast Quake You don't That was, Don't you remember where The Richter scale. It was so loud in the Seattle stadium, the Richter scale picked up like a small quake because of the crowd, and Sylvie. I believe there is a former bear who is in and on that play for the Saints defense, right? Wasn't Alex Brown. I believe so wanna play on the play? I believe so. That's good Recall by you, CREss. That's really good. All right. Next caller, while very good for a hater to a guy that cheers against his favorite or his local teams, just Thoma and LaGrange, Tom Huh? Yeah. Hey, what's up? How's it going? Oh, it's fantastic. Let's do this. Let's do it right. Here we go. We're sticking in that same game. All right, where we're keeping it to that Bear Seahawks game 2010 season first round This is a real tough one. Why don't I don't I don't know how anyone's going to get this. Unfortunately, you drugged drew the short straw here. Of course, Here's the question well, Matt Forte rushed for a game high 80 yards against the Seahawks. This bear's back up running back, scored a touchdown and added 44 yards on the ground. He is best known for his years in Baltimore and and Minnesota..

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