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That's Bank to two hundred two hundred. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have FOX. H l Mencken from Baltimore, I'm gonna paraphrase once wrote no one ever went broke underestimating, the ignorance of the American voter or the American public, and you know, you've heard variations of that. Nobody ever got broke. Nobody ever went broke thinking the American people are dumb or dumber. It's a bit of a cliche. And I know that it is insulting. But it is exactly what is happening here. Now where did all this stuff? So why do these people believe this? If you want to go back and trace it. I would tell you that you've gotta go all the way back in this with this generation, the Casio Cortez, and maybe some years older go back to captain planet. Saturday morning cartoon, Ted Turner. And then the PAC resistance is Al Gore. Stupid movie. Do not doubt me on this. It got an Oscar. It wins Academy Awards. He was a hero. These people grew up believing every lie and distortion that was in that movie, and the environmentalists have been brilliant. They have told people you're gonna die. This earth is in the process of being destroyed not damaged or destroyed. We're already killing the polar bears. They think that you can tell them. No the polar bear popular. Nation is at an all time high. They don't believe you. They seen the pictures and Al Gore's movie where there aren't any glaciers anymore for the polar bears to set the polar bears. Habitat is literally noting away. They're dying off his horrible. They really think islands have already been erased by rising sea levels. They're convinced that Miami will not be here in ten years. There's no substitute for experience. And I have been doing this thirty years, and I've been tracking this issue. And I have been tracking the people who believe it, and the people who believe it are getting more strident and stringent in their beliefs. And I know the polling data shows that most Americans don't even care about climate change as a political issue, meaning something on which their vote turns is that stopping these people. Look at the damage. They've already done to our culture. How many of you ever thought that gay marriage would be overwhelmingly accepted inside two years after the big push began in every state in the country. How many of you ever thought that really we would have serious debates on whether men can use a woman's bathroom or a little girls bathroom. I mean, they're creepy. Sneaky, smart creeping up on everybody building up to the resistance and bullying the opposition to this. And so, you know, laughing about it. And trying to joke about it. I've tried that. It is. So deeply inculcated in them, propagandize dot indoctrinated into them that. If we don't take this seriously and swat this down and slap it back. So many people rush. This is the greatest thing that ever happened. This is the best thing in the world for the Republican party. This green new deal is the greatest thing since Trump's election. It is so stupid and Cortez is so smug spelling out what the Democrats really want to do to us that this thing has no prayer happening. And it's going to really wake up a bunch of people on the left. I know this is a great example. A lot of people are thinking, there's no way. There's literally no way they're going to get enough people to literally think we can ban airplane travel in ten years. Do not kid yourself. I predict you're gonna end up being shocked at how many people the media at least says support this. You're going to see the first polling data on this. And you're going to be stunned and amazed. You can't believe it. You're not going to believe it. I don't know whether the polls are going to be legitimate docked. Or or doctor to not, but it is. It is. Really? Important to understand that they're now leading with this. They're not trying to do this stealthily. They're not trying to sneak this stuff in while. Nobody's looking they are making it the identifying characteristics of their party, their belief system their future and their agenda. And the same thing with abortion. They are not holding back on it any longer, and they're telling us exactly what it is always been kill babies. And now even after they are born, and you'll notice that there is no effort to make anybody who has come out and stood up for that. There's no pushback against them. There's no demand that they resigned. There's no public outcry. Our outrage over it that we know of because if there is the media doesn't cover it. Right now, all bunny, route no them is being credited in the media for survive and his scandal. You know, how the media say what a brilliant maneuver? Ralph know them has made by going invisible. The media is praising Ralph nor them for being able to hide from them. Nobody can hide from the media unless they want to not find somebody. So they're already store route all them gonna survive the black face scandal. Meaning Ralph Northerns going to survive his belief that babies can be wiped out after birth. Nothing's going to happen to the New York state. Legislators have passed the same law, and I think it's New Mexico. They've got a law now, that's even worse than those two. And all the while all these Yaw, that's never gonna happen rush. You can't stop talking about abortion rush. Nobody's ever. Did it? Getting people to Haiti sneak. We're a bunch of God card-carrying religious, right? Kosher keller. Stop talking about it. I'm telling you, folks. It's. It's headed in the wrong trajectory. So you never I guarantee you that nobody in this audience. Maybe some of you, maybe, but how many of you actually thought? That you would be alive when a political party in state after state after state advocates for killing babies after they're born on the basis. That's what the mother wanted to do. And you can't tell them other. What you can or can't do because it's her body. It's Roe versus Wade. And you gotta shut up about how many have you ever thought that anybody in a political party would benefit from that? But yet here, we are let me give you another example. Jeff visas. Jeff jesus. Yeah. He's Amazon, but Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Jeff Bezos sent out photos of his genitalia to his mistress. And Donald Trump is being blamed for it. Because the people that have the photos happened to be the National Enquirer in a bit of irony. The guy that runs the inquirer is named Becker. So a guy named pecker has some pecker shots of Jeff Bezos. And Jeff Bezos claims that he's being blackmailed and extorted. And the media's now say well, Trump knows pecker pecker knows Trump Trump has a pecker. So therefore Trump is behind what's happening to Beeson. Can you imagine? If that little pinch Schultz burger had been caught doing this. You magin if the great Arthur Schultz, burgers senior, and then the Arthur Schultz burger junior little punch a little pinch. You imagine if they had been caught sending out photos of their genitalia to their mistresses. Well, it's happening and Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post in the media, circling the wagons to defend him and somehow try to link Donald Trump to this now. But that what does it say about the leadership of Amazon? What does it say about the leadership of the Washington Post that this is what? And these people are all leftists. Emme while we're sitting here. Whips listen to what immorality Donald Trump? Is visiting upon America, the ogre gauche, the brute the absolute horribly, rotten behavior oriented Trump, and meanwhile, this stuff is going on what sort of man, what what sort of man. And we we know that that. Carlos danger, the husband of Houma. But we know that he did it. Again, that's part of a Hillary. We know that. Bill Clinton did. Well, I don't think he ever sent out photos, but what what sort of person does this what sort of man thinks. That is Jimmy Taylor. A photo of his genitalia on a phone of his mistress is going to make her swoon do men not realize this doesn't work. Do men not realize that's not what works if you're trying to make a woman sworn it's the exact opposite. And yet that'd behavior. Is.

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