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Hello, welcome to the keep sounding podcast. Your hat scratch reader, official podcasts up Carolina Panthers and all their shortcomings. This is Brian joined by Brad, Brad. How're you doing tonight? I am. Well. How are you? I'm somewhat well, John. How are you doing tonight? I'm mostly okay. You guys just just criticizing every decision I make with my life tonight. You'll have pizza at some points. He can eat your feelings away. It is a very good pizza. I'm looking forward to it. So my. So speaking of eating your feelings away Panthers just lost. Just ugly gamed. Very reminiscent of last season. Chicago Bears game. I was so angry. I'm still angry. I think we all are angry to break it down. Actually, I'm, I'm not angry, you know, believe it or not. I'm not angry. I'm. I'm worse than angry. I'm disappointed, but I'm actually worse than angry. I'm apathetic. I don't give a shit anymore. Like. I just I knew it was going to happen. I expected it. I. We'll get into it later, but there were things that happened that I just said, you know, there's no way we're gonna win this game, and I stopped caring, and I don't know. I don't know if ever get if they'll ever bring that back out of me because it's just it's been the same shit just different day for so long. Yup. And. You finally got you finally turned me this last week. I finally like was very positive about the Panthers thought it was going to be. They're coming out aim as an offense, predicted a multi score victory, and they just put me right back in that same spot. I was at after the Chicago game last year where not picking the pantheon ever. This is your fault. It's my, it's my fault. John's pizzas. It sure is. We have something to look forward to, right. There's some gonna get pizza and we're gonna get to talk about how Washington embarrass the Panthers. I'm pretty sure I said the name. I'm not supposed to say earlier to seal wanna believe that John. Wasn't even listen for five minutes ago. Yeah. Near the beginning anyway, it was. It was new, the intro, yeah. So yeah, the Panthers got beat by the Washington redacted and it all started with the Panthers running the ball six, three times only to on fourth and one on midfield. And you know there might be something to be said about that decision, but it definitely didn't go the right way. And in hindsight, Ron Rivera says, just went for it. But instead what happened was foresight foresight as well. I should have gone instead, Washington took the punt back scores on what was a really easy touchdown, Vernon, Davis. I might add. Than the Panthers come out on offense. And I think that was that one DJ more fumble. Was that when the first time? No, no, actually what happened was when when Ron punted the ball DJ Moore was the least aware person that has ever been on football field and let the ball go into the end zone when he could have down at like the three yard line. Okay. That was mistake number two, because number one was putting in the first place. I'll expand on that lighter. We actually forced them into a three and out and DJ fumbled the punt. That's right. Turn trying to get yards fumble the punt return. And then the very next play six seconds later, Vernon Davis is wide as fucking open, twenty five yards downfield and scores..

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