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Siegel. Former president Obama is among the winners of this weekend's 2022 creative arts Emmy Awards ceremonies in Los Angeles, Michael kassner has more. A fish that can walk. Surfing hippos want to catch the waves. Awards were presented in 45 categories for reality, documentary, and non fiction programming. Obama won for outstanding narrator for the 5 part Netflix documentary series, our great national parks, nominees included Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julie Andrews, and the late actors Chadwick Boseman and Jessica Walter. I'm Michael kassner. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is calling out Texas governor Greg Abbott after another group of migrants arrived in Chicago. Only days after the first wave appeared, Perry Williams reports. The mayor says she's frustrated with Abbott for not collaborating and cooperating with the city to provide any support. Instead of us having to guess, are they coming? Are they not coming? How many? What are their needs? That is insanity that doesn't have to happen. He is manufacturing a human crisis and it makes no sense to me. Abbott says he'll continue sending undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities like Chicago, New York and D.C. until the federal government secures the border. I am Perry Williams. Justice throngs of people pack the beaches to beat the heat in Southern California several shark sightings were reported over the weekend. Great whites were spotted in the water off Tory pine state beach and Solana beach Sunday, shark experts say great white shark nurseries have recently moved south to San Diego county. They add that juvenile sharks can be 6 to 8 feet long and tend to swim close to shore. The latest COVID booster shots should be widely available soon after approval by the FDA and CDC. Doctor Richard besser told ABC this week, he's very confident that the boosters will be extremely effective in combating virus sub variants faster is a former acting director of the CDC. I'm Brad Steve. And I'm Erica Hurst, Cohen from the Bloomberg newsroom. OPEC agreed to make a token oil supply cut for October, a surprise move that

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