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Neither is Amy Conybeare and It's a huge stark contrast between John Roberts. WHO's a pretty smart Guy Sam. Alito who's an evil genius? Neal. Gorsuch who's actually a really really smart guy this by saying these people are smart people. It's not I agree with them. But like these are smart people with credible resumes who are like legitimate jurists you have to agree with everything they say I don't. But they have a level of credibility that Brett Cavanaugh an Emmy Coney Barrett simply do not. Break Cavanaugh was a guy. who was a partisan hack amy conybeare it got. A. Padded Stat of three years on a bench starting during the trump term just so they could warmer up enough to try to make this not look completely illegitimate which does. Have hasn't ever tried a case thing is incredible to me. She's got nothing. Jurist, she's a lightweight she. She's an absolute lightweight and I'm saying that compared to her peers on the court in her own party. Like Brett Cavanaugh and amy conybeare combined are not the person in terms of qualifications as Neal gorsuch. It's just it's a vast disparity. That's the other reason why I favor reducing the court down to seven. Expanding the court doesn't solve the fact or doesn't solve the problem that Brad Kavanagh in Amy Conybeare have no business being on this court neal gorsuch like his arrival was illegitimate but like he's actually a supreme court level human being. Brett cavenaugh and amy conybeare or not. Oh, man I still get. So nausea to thinking about cavenaugh. he's a, he's a bad guy. Is there anything else we should hit here before bouts anything else on your mind anything else? So many things on my mind like, why do you? Why do you have a have a whole rally in Nebraska in the middle of fields where people have walked three miles to their car and? Why is Why is Texas not requiring masks of the pulling places and then they are but they're not but they are but they're not, why is I don't know. What is happening to Martinsburg. Where he just and Jack from twitter like they just look completely crazy people in their. Interviews today with Congress. I. Don't know there's lots of things on my mind that's going to do it for this episode of don't worry about the government. My name is Christopher Brennan. You can find me at C. H. R. I s. n. v. e. m. v. are. The shows twitter account is at Dwa TGI homepage. Don't worry. Dot. TV on I tunes on Stitcher on spotify Lizzy Juke working people find you. You can find what is left of my mental state at L. I. N. D. S. A. Y. Underscores Zero, zero, seven on twitter. that's Lindsey underscored double o seven because I'm a secret agent apparently. Just, trying to get through. The. Times. Yeah. Yes that's me. Don't worry about the government is a listener supported podcasts. That means you a buck show is all we ask Kate for a buck show guess what you get you get all the background music to don't worry about the government you get bonus episodes. But now we're as star releasing these zoom call. So if you WANNA watch this show on video, there is a way to do that and that is by no longer. Being a free cider and actually supporting the show.

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