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So Brock is back with us here and you you said you're in Minnesota tonight on a campaign, stop to turn in petitions and that sort of thing how many ballots of the fifteen states you're focusing on? Are you already qualified on? All the were those are basically in the bag. They're not. It'll be over the next month or so you'll watch by the way I'm not just in. I'm in Minneapolis and I am one block away from the George Floyd. Memorial. Tournament I'm about to walk through what was the autonomous zone I'm not sure it's still in a own. Anything on fires. Now that I can see because I'm still on the I'm make I want to make sure that I give you all my time and attention and I WANNA make sure to also amping guys up I may a fan of the work that you do you run a run a wonderful wonderful show Camper. I love what you do. It's back to the to the thing. But I we don't have to talk about free talk live anymore I. Appreciate. It let's let's talk about Let's talk about your while you're saying about drug criminals specifically cannabis you said, you were behind maps and it's the multi, Multi Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies I. Think that's what it stands for. They do great work. So I totally agree with you. There does that mean that Brock Pierce if you were elected as president would within the first week or so signed pardons for all victimless criminals who are nonviolent in federal prison. I can't commit to that yet but that's the conversation that would you come out? For Ross Britt. That's an interesting one not first in the list we'd start with maybe Edward Snowden and work our way through he was. Telling. At not long and so I would encourage everyone listening that cares right. These this these conversations are on the table, right? If anyone was ever going to do it it's more likely this crew than any other crew that you've got listed right now. Because I, I, I'm not personally a believer in the the war on drugs I don't believe that drugs are a criminal justice issue I believe it's a a mental health and social issue and how do we assist people and I also don't believe that all things we call drugs are drugs. I think some of those things are proving to be medicines and I think some of the things we call medicines are looking more like drugs are we have an opioid epidemic in this country? I certainly don't think spending sixty, sixty, eight, thousand dollars a year. Throwing people into jail or prison for something that is not harming others is the right answer. If you take a look at countries like Portugal, look at the work being done in Switzerland, we now have pretty I think we got real statistics we've got real data empirical data. It's going back more than two decades. And I think that this needs Dan but I'd like to invite all of you. To participate in this conversation starting next week. The some of the topics that we just mentioned are going to be live and I invite you to participate in the conversation to figure out what matters to you on like any other presidential candidates you've had. We are literally giving you a voice. We believe Your Voice Matters Your Voice counts and we are putting forth our policy positions into a collaborative platform where you can comment at it debate etc, and so. I. About each of these, you're singing the tune that I definitely want to hear but I'm not hearing any commitment from you. So like you know you are in favor of how can you have an open source collaborative discussion about the issues when you just come mean this is what I think could change my mind. Well, okay. Fine. Good to have principles and positions WANNA have a possessing but I. But. I gave you my my positions I've said this. Think Right. Working I think it's causing more harm. Well, I'm saying, let's have this conversation right I'm telling you this is what I think. This is what does President Your Business have a conversation. Well, it has not up to hold on hold on it should be the idea that that we believed that the president has the answer to everything i. think what really is what matters most is, what is the process to getting to the right answer I believe in. Transparency Right. I. Believe in. Okay. I. Don't know the answer to this question, but let me show you how I get to the answer. Let me show you who the people are that I consult. Are they lobbyists or are they people that you've heard of and you have faith and confidence in and that's why we're holding public town halls we had one today we're having another one, a national town halls, every Wednesday going forward virtual town halls, which you can find on the website and then many town halls on each of these subjects. There will be a mini townhall specific talking about how do we end the? War, on drugs bringing in experts like Rick Dobelin. These conversations are going to be had leading up to the election because we want you to be part of the process, your voice I heard here and I hope that people are able to be brought on board with these ideas. You know if there's somebody like Rick Rick Tomlin present presenting these ideas than Shirley he's going to be persuasive. Shirley he's going to persuade many of the people in that audience that drugs need to be given another look in they need to be decriminalized and legalized, and the war on drugs needs to end. I don't doubt that that is. Something that would come out of those conversations I. Guess my question is Brock after how many conversations would you need to have before you would be able to make up your mind and say, yes, I as president will pardon Ross over to our listeners who don't know is the man who created.

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