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Five short stories that number so apropos for vinyl fans written across the span of many many years in this collection andy tells tales of guitarists or musicians or music aficionados triumphs and tragedies foibles fears in witty and revealing ways and with unique sense of narrative style even includes some historical figures his story. Inspirations come from friends associates and his own illustrious career. This was my first time. Speaking with andy and it was a true pleasure to interact with him. Well thank you for taking the time to chat. Yeah okay. I've been reading your fred moaning here with enjoying and it's interesting because it's it's funny how you have a lot of guitar terminology in there. I mean i'm i'm drummer but it's interesting that you keep the music language in there you don't just you know so for someone who really is into that stuff. They'll appreciate it. Well yeah i mean you could just wrote this book for guitarist rate which is not entirely true. Because it's been beyond that. But i'm sure it's definitely true information from the inside. It has a lot of the sex drugs and rock and roll aspect in different portions depending upon what the story is. I mean it's interesting. How sex does count crossover in the motivations of men in these stories the world has changed. But we're opposite These things happen. You know music power attraction and all the rest will make around so it's well though. There is the the cowboys story which i like. Yeah roy rogers gene autry and that you know the indian woman who actually is the one that saving them from starvation again landscape. They can't do it themselves. Yeah that's right. I just commented all wanting in fact it's the other way around. This is the girl that saves the day. Yeah there's so many statistic forty forty five stories and i actually was just reading the Django reinhardt pablo picasso story of them being roommates but they weren't actually roommates but i think or are they because city now. That was just a quirky funny thing that suddenly coach me one night while i was fooling around with all of this and i had this idea by those same time period wine up. Well not only that. Is i think picasso claimed he did. He played once with django. Oh did he yeah. I looked at before. I talked to you. And i'm like oh o obviously there around the same time period but brought those two characters together for you and your mind. Yeah i well. I know why suddenly thought like one spot. I can't remember what how came up. Just kind of all about one night. And maybe i've thought about trying to do something with django initially as a qatar thing and that sort of you know turned into this thing with a pablo picasso. Imagine them being roommates pulls you know starving down on trying to come up with some stuff. But i know enough about both of their work and their lives to be out throwing some things in there. Like you know where chang says. Well one on greenwich pounds. I don't like that. But let me remember that ed was the thing that i think. It's interesting because i'm an i'm gen-x get a lot of references. Seen granik i went. There was this product years ago with my mom. Yeah we went to produce and went to the raina sophia maria. There's actually i think is better than the pro. i agree. I don't have the product to let me. Just tell us anything about the product..

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