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Around how screen time more specifically around like our smartphones and tablets and whatnot have there's so much science that is really bad for kids and actually tv is less bad for children i mean i'm not talking specifically about your shows but just the general speed you know generally tv is less bad for for children than the smart devices are and angela santomero is joining me on the phone we're her new book preschool clues to how do you balance that what's the key so you know a great show like super y again we can talk about that but the balance there what is our parents need to be in this city you know in in communicating with our kids when they do watch your show like that what do you write about him in preschool clues and i write about how not all content is created equal and it really doesn't matter where they're watching to content right if we're carefully curated that if we're involved we don't have to watch everything with them we know that cove ewing especially with preschoolers helped elevate the education but if you're an involved viewer and you're talking about the characters you're talking about what they're watching and why they're watching it and watching their behavior all of that will help and i think the problem with the negative the negative media that the biggest aspects that we get about media it's because of the fact that maybe preschoolers are watching things that are not meant for them or that they're opening up youtube and then all of a sudden and other things that are coming up that they're not ready for emotionally so i think that there are great shows that can back can help kids to try new foods with daniel tiger's neighborhood or you know kindergarten everything you need to know that you learn from you know blue's clues for kindergarten like there's a lot of really great wonderful programs out there but we do need to feed their brains in the same way that we feed their bellies this is great information the new book.

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