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R.. The word of the moment entanglement, and we have none other than Jada, Pinkett, Smith and August Elsie knows. Romance to thank for that now. August is capitalizing on it with new song. This is the biggest relationship terms since conscious uncoupling. Yes, it is. We will never say situation ship again we say in. Yes so entanglement is the word that Jada Pinkett. Smith used on her facebook live. Is that would hurt and it's on red. Red Tape, we'll talk her facebook. Watch show. Watch it so hard to keep track on her red table talk show with will Smith. And she referred to her relationship with August. Alsina has an entanglement, but then she also said it was relationship, but now he is a new song called entanglements, and it's actually. I mean. Who else does he entangled with? Is he going to spill the Tian another major Hollywood player like he did on Jada? This makes me believe there's more entanglements common. So what are the lyrics to this song I I I feel like he's making some references to Jada and will Smith in the tune. Okay so here we go the chorus the definition of entanglement. It's when you're tangled in the sheets. True girl I know that we don't call it a relationship, but you're still F- in with me. Modern Day. He's right. And then there's also like a little veiled reference to will Smith. That sort of is basically saying like. When your man's not around I'm going to be pulling up. I would like you to read that part, please. Let's see. Like, to do a dramatic reading of August Alsina Rick rots track. Well. That's the thing, so. Rick Ross is on the track, but also Rick Ross came up with the idea for this track, and this kind of to me shows the brilliance of Rick Ross. Aka Show. Yes, because so basically the reason this entanglement song came out was because Rick Ross was on instagram stories, and he any was saying after the whole Jada. Pinkett Smith August Alsina. Thing. Blew up that August. Alcyone is actually really good singer and. People should wait for entanglements album and it sounded like he was joking, and it was actually pretty funny, but now he is on his actual track, called entanglements and the thing. I love about this, too, is that? You know in the in the digital era of music. You know especially initially It always there are a lot of reports about you know sort of bad for artists and record labels because people can pirate the music. The music is out there. That artists don't get enough money for the streams end, etc, but the great thing about the digital era for artists. Is that as soon as something happens in your life two days later? You could just put out a song about it. You know what I mean, so it's like. Real time so it was pretty smart of Augusta I literally I honestly. I had never heard of August Alsina before this. And I. Don't think an and I don't think I'm alone right? I mean, did you were you like? An Auto Fan. Now I A fan. I wasn't even aware that existed. And we have do. We have to pay for this. Angela friend of the PODCAST who did an interview with him? And that's where he revealed he had been which Jada but I actually am kind of surprised. It took this long for the songs. Come out because the red table talk episode premiered on July tenth and it racked up fifteen million views in the first twenty four hours, which like broke facebook, statistic history, and now it's like the most viewed video. She has on her whole channel. So I mean what's Today looking at a ten day turnaround time? That's that's kind of a long time for singing into a Mike and putting it on some beach and getting Rick Ross total. I'm I'M GONNA? Hit you with some more entanglement lyric. Cool I was GONNA say. The song is only the first step I think what's next is merch. Bo Mike Things. Yes so are you ready for more entanglement lyrics? See this I believe. In My. in this will be included in Yale dissertation on. entanglements. I I believe this part refers to will Smith. Are you ready? Maggie, he says. I'm a pull up when he dip skirt. Just, spit. Spit take on my mic. That was such A. Skirt. I'm a poem when he dip. He's always think me in you, F. F N. If he see. He's GonNa trip. House with no key girl you know, aft up your hair. Lay you down and hit it right there. Oh My, we gonNA. Keep it poppin shoddy you my little secret. Then he repeats that line for emphasis. Apparently, it wasn't wrong because Jada and will maintain that they were separated and I quote I don. He's. This narrative that.

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