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Can find Sean lock's in a sock? You can find Sean Penn pretty easily. I don't know why he's still alive unless you're looking for his new TV show. It's on Hulu not a lot of people still. That's right. I was going to check it out. And then I thought that's on Hulu I like his documentary work lot better these days, it's own who speak in which these these new streaming and cable fucking wars that are going on do you notice? They ripped HBO off dish here. What the fuck? Yeah. It's just streaming our what no southern a carriage dispute. And again, we talked about this man, the more and more companies start buying shit like this in that AT and T merger. They owned Time Warner Time Warner owns HBO. So who does eighteen deal with direct TV because they own direct TV? So they went back and ask for more money from dish to put on HBO. And they said go fuck yourself, and they were like great. We don't we don't need you again HBO is streaming now. So it's just like who doesn't have a smart TV. Right or something like that. So they're like great fuck off. We don't I don't care if you're on the cable system, just get the smart TV skip the app blanked out that it really shocked like you're like who doesn't have a smart team. Down. Like, what do you mean? Everyone got to everyone's going to pretty much everyone's gonna fly or a device Roku fucking apple is something where it's just like. All right. I think so unplugging they're cutting the court. I don't know if they will come back to dish. But did they don't shoes? With this fucking AT and T merger. Man. I don't think people realize how many companies are now under that umbrella. It's just it's a fucking monopoly. Yeah. So I got my because I got the dish Bill, and I was like what was real light four dollars. Stop. We had to take off the HBO and the other ship because like boy think about it. It's HBO HBO Cinemax stars. It's four networks that are owned by HBO's. All over. You used to love that porn a miss that late nights. Soft porn, and that skin Amax a gal in her lingerie getting correct? Like people fucking in a cave. Dresses, caveman missionary. Straight mesh. I'm gonna miss that. I'm gonna I'm gonna miss that. Now. Them them. On it on it on it. That's the only type of comedy you can get from a mess. Two months. Boom comedy. So that's that's gone. But you're gonna start seeing more and more of that is what I'm saying in the future. So if you're out there in your whatever cable system, you're on like in this is this is gone. This channels missing whatever people are just going to stop carrying. And it's going to be like, hey, it's gonna force everybody into apps though. Apps, but what they're also doing. So like spectrum, for example, kept calling me about getting streaming through them stream stream would you like do? You know what I mean? And I'm like, yeah. To like, I just have internet through. So like I stream. Yeah. So what they're doing probably. Here's my guests. And what they were doing is they're slowing that down. So that you, but if you get the streaming service through them, then you can stream your Netflix and stuff really fast. You know what I'm saying bullshit? It's bullshit. But I'm saying that's the way that they're gonna feel like dish will provide streaming or something like that. And you're like, no, no, I don't think you understand Mary have streaming and I use your internet to do. So. So what he telling I it's the fucking worse, and that's going to keep happening to slam. We're district trying to figure out it really is like the changing of the guard, and there's trying to last fucking pennies any you're not paying for cable anymore. Doing and we need streaming and all your shit's going to be disrupted. And it's like, yeah, you're right, especially they're not gonna give up without of two kids. We've got relatives in for the holidays and all that shit. Like, people are watching Netflix and like nine different rooms. And yeah, yeah..

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