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The morning. It's 15 still. The governor of Florida has signed a bill that defunds DEI departments at public universities in the sunshine state. Correspondent Clayton Neville reports. As promised Florida governor Ron DeSantis put his signature on a bill that banned state universities from spending state money to support programs that advocate for DEI, the acronym for diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI is better viewed as standing for discrimination exclusion and indoctrination. And that has no place in our public institutions. Governor desantis told a crown during a signing ceremony, the law also requires that general education courses not distort significant historical events or teach what he calls identity politics. You know, some of these niche subjects like critical race theory, other types of DEI infused courses and majors, Florida's getting out of that game. The law gives university presidents and boards of trustees more hiring power and desantis claims it will benefit students in the long run. How employable are you with some of these majors? I mean, really, it's not a good academic choice in terms of being able to be employable. Critics say the law violates academic freedom and could negatively impact enrollment of students and of staff. I am Clayton Neville. A plan by the Biden administration to sell land leases to conservation groups is getting opposition details from correspondent Norman hall. Biden administration officials have sought to dispel worries they want to exclude oil drilling, livestock raising, and other activities from vast government on land. The effort follows push by from Republicans in ranchers over a contentious proposal to put conservation on equal footing with industry, the proposal would allow conservationists and others to lease federally owned land to restore it much the same way oil companies by leases to drill and ranches pay to graze cattle. Lisa's could also be bought on behalf of companies such as oil drillers who want to offset damage to public land by restoring acreage elsewhere. Norman hall, Washington. 13 till now, some in the digital media world are struggling due to a downturn in advertising and holding the bottom line. Correspondent Rita foley explains. Vice media is filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the latest digital media company to falter over the years vice developed a reputation for it in your face journalism that covered daring stories all around the world, but now vice has agreed to sell its assets to a consortium of lenders. Digital advertising has plummeted this year, cutting into the profitability of major tech companies. This comes in the middle of a number of media layoffs and closures, including job cuts at gannett, NPR, The Washington Post, and more recently, in April, BuzzFeed incorporated announced that its Pulitzer Prize winning digital media outlet BuzzFeed news was being shut down as part of a cost cutting drive by its corporate parent. I'm Rita foley. Probably not the person you expected style guru Martha Stewart is tackling a new project. She's about to become the oldest woman to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition. Correspondent Jackie Quinn reports. There are a lot of things Martha Stewart has done in life. Founding a media company in 1990, impressing followers with her cooking and designing skills, saying in 2006. I'm happy about my knowledge and so many different subjects that relating to living. And now at age 81, she's posing for the cover. Of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Stuart says she hopes it inspires other people to try new things, no matter what stage of life they're in. Other women in the swimsuit edition coming out later this week. Singer Kim petras, actors Megan Fox and model Brooks Nader. I'm Jackie Quinn. Move over, George Jetson flying cars really are coming to a dealer near you and sooner

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