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Broadway artists again is Laura Benanti what a great ideas she had just to reach out to high schools across the country saying I want to hear you because you know how devastated all those people involved with high school musicals were to practice all that time and then not be able to perform so one of my dear friends her daughter is the lead in Footloose at Jonathan alder and the shows are supposed to be going on April twenty third Rebecca light if you're out there listening and Mandy and I van thinking about Rebecca it's her senior year she so excited to be the lead in this show and now what happens so I'm so glad that someone is doing this for these folks and who knows what could happen news you could be discovered who knows who knows what happens next from this one act of kindness and and community kind of doing something good over social media it has spread like wildfire she's not the only Broadway artists now watching and listening and asking for the same thing so yeah they thought they were just going to perform for their high school and for parents and people in their community now they're being seen world yeah you know my only hope is I have a high school senior and he's a great baseball player and there's that thought of no high school baseball for his senior year and we're all in this together and what one person goes through we're all going through it so there's so when when we look at our own stories and our own immediate situations someone else has a lot worse so I'm just always know that lives are lighting up okay let's go to paddy you what we are getting to you on the line with us now welcome to what matters okay hi Mandy it's Patty and you know that are unique I'm yeah I wanted Jeff can go to corporations at four thirty a lot I mean get off and get off at five he go up and down these neighborhoods if he posts a thing that he'd be back at four o'clock on Tuesday in that neighborhood or different neighborhoods Jeff you can do it but either so all this is an opportunity it is the I. listening because we took just call in the last hour and yeah he is a food truck and and Patty were under the same agreement with you we think he may flourish right now because so many people want that food truck food yeah because someone else made the point not enough people probably have staples at home so this is an opportunity for you to carry out right that's an opportunity for you to have delivery that continued good news overall behind it Jeff what's on your mind on what matters show today hi great so I just my friend which is telling me they went to the store to get milk I mean they have kids at home on an elderly parent and the people are stocking their stocking carts with enough now there isn't any so I just you know want to put out something that please if you don't need to buy six seven eight gallons of milk maybe or toilet paper like we have none and I would just think of others you know what I'm saying do you know what you're saying you know what people have been almost positioning their cells in parking lots of grocery stores and taking pictures of people who are over buying and they're like shame on you how can you do this think of everybody else chaining them on social media the Illinois governor said it waiting on media today don't hoard food folks don't do it there's not a need to add in over there in Illinois we were just talking about brand off when he was kind of getting off the air here moments ago well now it's been a little while ago they're easing overnight restrictions on food deliveries so those trucks can go into the stores even more frequently and you know what god to get ahead of our truck drivers can we give a hand to them for a minute because they're going to be the ones who are going to make sure that we're stock that we have to that he wrote a note coming to us right now so I just wanna give a shout out to all of you right now who are on the road listing or if you guys have family members were truck drivers because they are critical during this time David let's go do you what's on your mind on this Sunday on the what matter show our yard I just want to answer that you had a question about Italy and how come there check this rate is so high first of all thank you for letting me on a year and a good afternoon ladies yeah thank you thank you Italy did not cut off the you know some people coming to and from China it the time and and the disease check China owns about a quarter of assets in Italy and they they they came and go and free will that's it that's why America's doing so good what trump did they cut off all all airline travel to and from China which was a good thing but also I have a question is you know everything is so dire and we're all concerned about it I think that you know kind of be an arcing twenty people get on a code of us as I was driving by and I make deliveries and I'm like you know that they really need to shut that down first of all I mean there's probably a hundred and fifty two hundred buses run right now with people when I'm and it's almost impossible to sterilize them throughout the day and I'm just I'm thinkin the leadership of catenary colors and everything you know I know my old lady right works in a restaurant and everybody there practice hygiene they're well aware of it and so are the customers and you know it it's just baffling to me why they haven't and it's got me scared but it a mainly through all this I just want to remain a human being with dignity and respect for others you know and and the last thing I'd ever want to do is get somebody else sick so if I'm sick I'm staying home I'm not I'm not gonna mess with it you know and they usually make you girls have a nice day and thanks for taking my call we will always take your call anytime you call in that's what this show is for and we have Steve on the line with us Steve welcome to what matters hello I yes we can hear you what you let's talk about well this is the kit for the pet expo I'm sorry Steve about the pet expo in with us last week in promoting the show everyone was so excited and then you got the notice like the rest of us that the show was canceled how devastating was that for you well actually we didn't get the notice until Wednesday at two o'clock and I made the call to call my exhibitors you're in their trucks on their way to the show to set up and we made the call to tell them not to show up because we had already set the entire show up we had everything set up in both buildings and we will I want to save as many people as I could money you know because all of the exhibitors were gonna lose thousands of dollars yeah we we did manage to do that so and we we just did a thing if you go to our website which would be great and Columbus pet expo dot com you'll see that I put a thing on there for the the rescue groups you can get in touch with all the rescue groups that we're going to be at the shelter or bring in pets for adoption we usually promote and create about five hundred dollars with a five hundred adoptions throughout the throughout the year from the shell and so if you go to the website you can go to their website and you can find out what animals are available you can also donate Jones you want because they usually use our show to raise a tons of money for their different organizations and of course they weren't able to do that and you know they're sponsored by us response room they don't pay anything to be on the show but they didn't get to raise the money and they didn't get to promote the adoption yeah all of our exhibitors are what you know if we can do anything and help get these dogs and cats new homes get them adopted out that would be awesome so yes definitely check out that website in and if you can please adopt a dog or a cat because they make the best best pets rescues are wonderful we have another color that is on the line right now so I believe this is Stephanie Wes and Stephanie are you with us right now I am Stephanie is the mom of Andre and K. live lesson and as most people know you know all sports basically are canceled right now how hard has this been on you having two sons who play basketball for the Ohio State Buckeyes won of course being a senior it's actually I think been harder on me than the than them I believe it if you get ramped up for the season you know you're ready for the NCAA tournament in the big ten and then all of a sudden it just shuts down with you know no warning so I think it's kind of an army how are they taking it down what are they doing they are just playing video games and just trying to work out in their perspectives apartments in sitting back and hold on tight as to what's the next step since then I have to ask you because Andre being the senior on senior night when Ohio state beat Illinois and he was able to grab the microphone and really pretty much thank Buckeye nation the last four years all the support they've given him and the rest of the team how meaningful is that as a mom to see your son out there it is incredible it is a it's it's kind of surreal at some point to realize that he had been there for four years or had been there for four years and that it's over and to see him gross Andre was like you said he's a man of very few words and I was wondering what he was going to say and Caleb so when he said as much as he did I was very impressed you know how he's grown over four years you know he's he's a man now he's no longer the little boy he now in in for you in the fact that he's not playing anymore you know kind of given everything that's happened that is hard as a mom right like to know that he didn't know that was going to come the final time you were going to see him play on that level exactly at Michigan state when we were finished and I looked at him I said this is your very last conference game you know and I got a little emotional and he was like well you know we still have the NCAA and the big the very last one right and I think you know he's gonna look at me like yeah you're right yeah that's that's so hard because we never know you know there was a great post by journalist chaise jealousy has an outstanding son who's going to play football at Iowa but isn't unbelievable basketball player and his wife tweeted out something about my husband I was always told my kids to play every game like it's their last and that basically may have been there last because the high school tournament may be canceled as well as for now it's put on hold so that's a great rule of you know what play like it's your last game because really may be your last game Stephanie we appreciate you calling in and you're always a good support with us thank you thank you for asking absolutely well yeah I mean it's it's those things that I think we all didn't know we're going to continue right over the course of the next few weeks in the next few months as parents and it probably is harder for the parents not that it's not hard for the kids I mean I believe probably ties going through it right now I agree with Stephanie I'm like highland you realize you may not play any more baseball high school yes okay got college unlike cut Thailand this is your heart and it does I knew you know that this is a possibility it does affect but I've said that on the air so many times everything that.

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