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We go. I'm Andy last ner host Ellen on the go. Joined by my guests. Mary Connolly, Kevin Leman, the fourth and Edward glavin. Thanks for joining me guys. Thanks for having us, a really nice of you. Thank you for doing this podcast. I'm your to. Thank you wanna talk about today. And today, we have a lot to talk about where do we want to start with what if we start with you at the table games? Okay. I'm just going to say, you don't disappoint doesn't. It was fun. Rock was very nice to me, and you call DJ or anything. What are you? Yeah. I I call them to came back. Yeah. And I said DJ was cool. Tell me to calm Dietsch. It's just like I'm sorry. I've worked with the rock. Yeah. Again to you. It was a very painful he's ever said call me how shore were you after I was sore for about three days. Now, I'm not a regular exerciser as which may come as the surprise to Kevin. But I'm not a regular exercise. I play hockey once a week. And that's really the extent of my. This is just natural. This is just natural. Haven't seen. It titan games is like this crazy huge like American gladiators times ninja warriors times thousand. It was the most insane said I'd ever seen. It was outdoors at an old grace track and you come in. And it literally looks like like that movie with Russell Crowe gladiator. That's what it felt like you are entering an arena. So you were like a gladiator. Are you did you are you a titan or gladiator the set like light here? But it's the titan games. And it's just regular people like me who are extraordinary. No in physical, fitness. Yeah. It's bit. Here's the thing. Tight how wardrobe it wasn't great. It was here's the thing. And this is what I'm convinced. Most of the average Andy segments are generated from the writers. The writers are run by our friend sitting right here. Kevin leman. I am convinced that Kevin Leman specifically picks. What average Andy's we're going to do based on? What will be the most unflattering wardrobe for me? I gotta say I was annoyed that you look so good in. This one kidding me of your natural roles. The Spanish, right? It was like a spanks on you. Yeah. It was. It was really what I'm going to say no matter what the task. Yeah. Matter what the challenge. Yes, you go at it. One hundred percent I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm titan. Maybe I honestly going when they were showing me what I was gonna do. I literally my head thought. Oh, I can do this. I'm going to be good at it. And then I got tired. We'll just the video of you running at the beginning to run to the first thing natural runner your hands. Trying to get speed. I was told you pump your arms when you spring. Here's a little bit of it. And then you have to promise to watch the show on your DVR because you have to see how wonderfully average and everybody Dwayne Johnson here also known as the rock. To the Spanish right box office heavyweight. They say box office. King get I don't brag star of the television..

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