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Five live boxing i welcome to thirty five and i both thing we've postel on bounce which comes to you has promised for the dorchester hotel in london's west end the scene of the first press conference for the fight which was officially confirmed at the weekend four march the 31st at the principality stadium in cardiff anthony joshua against joseph pawelka four three of the world heavyweight championship bouts joshua's ibf and wba portions and the wbo version held by joseph partner slickers impact room here is the announcements just being made anthony labour's home match metro of new measures on in his when he saw we'll see conferences as their national news not all lined roads see you lawyers inclusion cameras and i saw the coffee room anyway be measured enough of saying hey chuck schumer that those jobs will say hit and and those in money questions come forming off the presses ahead andy and he says formalities being mobilized by antilabour matchroom telling us that antonio show hussein held up traffic went out swing to 25 minutes ball state eleven o'clock shed julie whose thoughts on here the doors were closed that humans to go to the sweet hair in nature which is the hotel by the security personnel which gave as an indication that the press conference is certain to stop mistake just a an award here an air of uncertainty about what might happen normally in these situations a lot from one instance against daily and back in the latter stages of 2015 george who has managed to keep himself which is one or two things that pauper's me saying in the last few days on five on sports on sunday he vowed to know josh who are out on.

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