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Now. The additional murder charges that Bevin went to court for our eventually dropped and during the trial. He's not convicted but thankfully thankfully he is still in jail for killing Richard and in my opinion and this is just my opinion. I don't think he's the one responsible for the Beaumont for the family. Murders absolutely absolutely. But the Beaumont and the Adelaide Oval kidnappings don't match the family pattern to me at all like four of the five missing children that were talking about our girls and the oldest girl that we're talking about is eleven whereas in the family victims those victims are boys that ranged from fourteen to twenty five right the victim profiles. Don't don't match at all. Yeah and I was doing some reading the California Department of Justice website kind of about sexual predators and while some do exhibit more variety in their victims like different ages or genders other keep like a specific preference and that seems to be what does and since the other killings that he did. The family murders are so consistent. I don't really see him deviating gating plus he would have been in his early twenties at the time of the kids went missing in sixty six. which is really too young to match the descriptions of the man seen at the beach but again? It's it's worth mentioning because you do any research on this case. His name is going to come up okay. And if he was responsible like even the way the boys bodies were found. But the kids weren't doesn't it doesn't really add up exactly but there's a lot that doesn't add up to me and Bevan's never been charged with anything related to the Beaumont's or the Adelaide oval disappearances so after through the trial in one thousand nine hundred ninety the Beaumont case goals cold yet again and in Nineteen ninety-two the Dandenong letters are proven. Once and for all to be a fake when fingerprint analysis directs police to a man who had been a teenager back in the late sixties. And listen. He's never been named publicly but according to authorities parties he's actually admitted to writing all the letters as a hoax. Now time keeps passing and while new theories often connect new suspects to the Beaumont's case ace like including some other pretty notorious child killers across Australia. None of them are ever proven like in nineteen ninety eight eight years after that whole like reservoir reservoir day there was this eighty six year old man named Arthur who was arrested for the unsolved nineteen seventy rape and murder of a five year old and seven year old pair of sisters. Now he's charged with other like whole host of offenses for sexually assaulting a young woman and other girls and in his own family and the reason he even got tied to it initially was is that Andrew rule extra reporter for Sun Herald in two thousand one that a witness saw Arthur on TV after his arrest and he placed him at Adelaide Oval with the two girls matching watching Joanne and Christie's description and then they're thinking well whoever took those girls are thought to have taken the bull mines and that's kind of where that connection is made but but eventually police completely clear him any suspicion in the Beaumont and the Adelaide oval cases and he's like totally ruled out by two thousand one now five years later in two two thousand seven. The Herald Sun reported that convicted child murderer. Derek Percy had been questioned by police like back in two thousand five in relation to the Beaumont's and although Oh he's thought to be responsible for at least eight other child's death South Australian police told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in two thousand fourteen that he was definitely not a significant person of interest for the Beaumont's. He was already in prison when Joanne and Kirsty were snatch up so if the theory of the case is being connected was real like he couldn't have done both and he doesn't really match the description from the beach now despite these possibilities and you know the case getting renewed over and over no like real real credible links ever emerged and eventually public fascination dims though it never fully dies and eventually a book is published a fool forty years after Jane Aren't and grant disappeared. And this is when writer Alan Whittaker and his research partner Stuart mullins published the book searching reaching for the Beaumont children which is considered one of the most definitive and comprehensive accounts of this mystery. And it's a book that we've referenced a couple of times throughout this episode. I highly recommend it but when they published this book it's two thousand six. Now Mind you. And despite the forty year lapse in time everyone was about to be shocked to find find out that there was still secrets out there waiting to be uncovered and people who held those secrets. Were finally ready to talk. Because that's that's when Alan and Stuart get a phone call that changes everything that day and the police thought that they knew about this case. The person who called Allen and Stewart is a woman named Angela who believes that her former father in law had something to do with the Beaumont Children's disappearance. She says that her ex husband. A man named Hayden confided that he saw his father with the Beaumont Beaumont on the day that they disappeared. No at first Allen doesn't take Angela too seriously. He's gotten calls like this before. And he's had his fair share of run-ins with Wannabe sleuths from all walks of life. But as the conversation continues Alan realizes that not only as Angela's story fascinating. It's also really believable. So he and Stewart do some investigation basically into Angela and her background basically. They're trying to collect references casino if she can be considered trustworthy. Yeah like to make sure that. She's legit. Yeah and all of her references comeback glowing so stewart reaches out and he arranges arranges a meeting and this one meeting turns into a years long investigation by authors experts. Private investigators retired detectives active and others with dozens of interviews all around Australia in their meticulous hunt for the truth and their findings become another book which they title the Satin Man would we also referenced throughout this episode now. The title of the book refers to a brand new suspect. The Satin man and the Satin Man is Angeles ex father in law now the authors in their book you pseudonyms for their subjects but police and numerous news outlets. Let's like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation the new daily and CNN have all confirmed the satin man's true identity. So who is it. His name was Henry Phipps and he actually died back in two thousand four without ever being on polices radar now. He was never investigated needed in his lifetime for any connection to the Beaumont children but according to those who knew him best the hairy seen in private was a far different man from the one presented to the public. The first and best known sign of Harry's we'll call it a double life is right there. In the book's title his obsession and with Satin Harry was infamous within his family and their inner circle for having a satin fetish like not a healthy fetish or interest but one that was so consuming that literally no one was allowed to even wear sat near him because just the sight and sound of the fabric caused an instant uncontrollable controllable arousal. And according to the Book Harry made his own sat in Pajamas and dresses for sexual gratification. And he kept them in a private room room in the House that the rest of the family was forbidden from entering A. I'm sorry wait. What Satin Man? We have heard some dark stories about people who have dark twisted fantasies and turn on's but honestly I did not see this one coming weird right. What's Satin Satin? And like he can't see it he can't hear it. Russell be around did. You can't go to weddings obviously like yeah. I'm so floored by this entire thing but as weird as it is because it is totally. It doesn't make you a child abductor. Well no that's true like the obsession with Satin doesn't accept according to Harry. He Son Hayden. There's more like a lot. More hairy was a violent alcoholic who loved firearms and his son says that he kept guns all over the house and he also said that he had frequent outbursts against his immediate family and threatened them many times with his weapons but it gets even worse beyond that Hayden confided in Angela that he had been violently raped by his father multiple times a week for many years growing up and the abuse only stopped when he got big enough to defend himself and basically his dad's fetish of satin kind of ended up haunting him because he said he was haunted. Did by the Swish of the Satin. Fabric coming down the hallway. So he were his dad like couldn't be around it because it was it was too much. He was to arouse like I don't even think he could be around it later because it it brought back so many awful traumatic memory traumatic triggering for him now. Obviously because Harry was never on anyone's radar none of this was reported to the South Australian police at the time and Harry was never charged with a crime but by the time Harry comes into law. Enforcement's attention through Allen and Stewart Stewart beef collected a whole laundry list of circumstantial evidence that cast a ton of suspicion on him. Now I there is his status status and his wealth. Harry was a very successful businessman. He owned The castaway factory in Plumpton which is like a suburb of the area. Now being rich and well connected and prominent in Adelaide social circles was a great cover in the nineteen sixties here. He didn't fit anyone's idea of of what they thought a pedophile wise and so police never even looked in his direction. Plus remember how the Beaumont kids bought their lunch at that bakery bakery without one pound note. Yeah so apparently. Harry was big on flaunting his wealth by handing out one pound notes to Hayden and his friends to get get them out of the House on Saturday so he could be alone with his satin. It would be like our ten dollar bill for our parents. Yes it was like here. Here's the money now. Go Away and it's a habit habit kind of continued into the next generation when Hayden son Nick who apparently like lived with Harry for a time after his parents divorce like he would give him money as well so although he's never publicly said that his grandfather did anything to him. Nick also alleges that sexually inappropriate experiences is like occurred with Harry as a child though. We don't know what that is explicitly now in the book. Nick tells Stuart about how Harry would rub up against him when they went swimming together. And it's kind of like the most that we got okay. But didn't he say that he saw the Beaumont kids with Harry. Yes so this is like our biggest piece of circumstantial evidence. Australia's seven news did a documentary about here in two thousand eighteen. And they have audio of an interview that Hayden did with one of the sat millions investigators where he recalls seeing the Beaumont children on the day that they disappeared at in his family house on Australia Day. Nineteen sixty six here. I'll play.

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