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I mean maybe the groaning makes it like two fun and and there up think of it is like an outcome like not an iconic but like a comic like unlike at neil hamburger will who a faith things to get like negative reactions and his carved a career out of that and he's ninety that's milo that's and that's all these people they're just like reactionary and there is a segment of the population that's like finally they're saying when i am thinking yeah that's i guess is so the the to me the flip side of the just ignore them argument is that there are more than i thought the population of people who actually believe those words is larger than i thought yeah and it does there's a part of me that's like the also you know it's good that that segment of the population feels like their views are socially acceptable you know what i mean like that's part of a radical it is like making it like yeah believing in inequality is bad or no but it's also like the boring nerd thing to say so you're like you're right we're your car in the rhetorical trap of like you're either like a heavyhanded moralising dork or you're validating or or encouraging you know giving them the attention that they crave well yeah and like kind of a little bit of a tangent a lot of people will mummy talk about like the election taught us that there is a larger segment of the population that has he's racist sexist views them we care to admit in it's good that it's out there now and that were scratching it to the surface and exploding how many people are already felt this way but then is it is it actually good and does it oh yeah how can good at all yeah i arizona argument that some people are like well it we always thought this but we were like called crazy or like playing the race card or whatever and now it's like now like do you see it and and i don't know and as like a a white woman i know that i'm like ignorant to some degree like spitting while look we all have a waste cysts later some things that give us insight and some things that prevent us from having the right perspective or a clear perspective uh because of various privileges in things up stucco blah blah blah's boxy on my.

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