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The government noted that inmates are forded free soap and have the option to buy more if needed Michelle Paulino fox news headline Jack Callahan this now here's your storm team ten forecast light showers forced this morning mostly cloudy with a northeast when this afternoon high in the low fifties mostly cloudy low near forty tonight clouds Thursday morning afternoon showers and the chance for a thunderstorm mostly between noon and five PM Thursdays high again in the low fifties more clouds than sun on Friday with a chance for spotty shower and high again around fifty two I was fourteen ten beer all just mark Searles on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven I feel scared choking prevent your trials next asthma attack visit W. W. W. dot no attacks dot org or call your doctor because even one attack is one too many S. S. facials no longer brought to you by the EPA and the ad council good morning and informative he wakes me up in the mornings in the car network you are invited to start your day the radio in the morning on newsradio nine twenty one AM she she all the from coast to coast and worldwide on the internet this is coast to coast AM with George Noory a story we have in the news at coast to coast am dot com one comment may have destroyed a village twelve thousand eight hundred years ago it's called the Abu Rabia it's an important archaeological site in Syria known for artifacts documenting early adoption of agriculture in that region but it may also be recognized as the only known human settlement to been hit by a fragment of a comment the researchers think that upon entering the earth's atmosphere the already fractured combat likely broke up into several more pieces many of which didn't reach the ground instead they produced a string of explosions in the atmosphere known as air bursts each year burst was as powerful as a nuclear blast instantly vaporizing the soil and vegetation under diese and producing powerful shockwaves that destroyed.

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