Senator Obama, Senator Barack, Donald Trump discussed on Michael Berry


Should also point? Out that Stephen is in the crowd tonight Senator Obama And the reason is this that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment. To them Which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this administration is ridiculous That was Senator Barack. Obama criticizing George W Bush for a what they called a go it alone approach, to diplomacy or a lack of traditional diplomacy more stick less carrot but, Barack Obama through the force of his. Personality and his extreme likability which is sort of what he suggested and certainly what the media wrote. And said he was going to solve our international crises or problems the frayed relations simply by engaging And the same media that said. See that's leadership you don't go to your room and slam the door and wait on someone else to come and apologize and Stu You must surely sit down and exchange ideas What he was saying he would do Well I think I have the credibility to complement Trump without being called an always Trumper That's exactly what Trump has. Done much better than Obama has done so now he's cut a deal with Mexico And.

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