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Consequence should be if you have a right to your life and your liberty you ought to have a right to keep the fruits of your labor the and it's comes down and policies. That are very easy. If you start with that you know we will. We just canceled out. Nineteen thirteen we wouldn't have had that year we wouldn't have had to fed and we wouldn't have had the sixteen th amendment. We wouldn't have had the change in foreign policy and we wouldn't have had the change. In the way we elect our senators and I we would have had a much smaller government but unfortunately the others think of the authoritarian approach because they have this idea that people have to be taken care of and otherwise. There'll be blood in the streets and people could become unemployed and have inflation if they didn't take care of them and low and behold wallows do go to look at what they're giving us so our job intellectually is to make sure the blame is placed on the proper place. I think we're ahead of where we were in. Nineteen twenty nine because very successfully throughout the thirties really buried free markets and they buried the gold standard and then gave more power or to the executive branch and to the Federal Reserve. But today. I don't think it's going to be the same. It's the only thing that we have to really be concerned about economics. Who's going to get blamed for this mess? And that's why we have to target the Federal Reserve. Make sure they are blamed at fault. We have to target those individuals in Congress who believe the purpose of Congress's congresses. Spend money and take care of people and undermine liberty and the victory has to go to those of us who believe in personal liberty and believe leave that balanced budgets are important and small government is important and come around to the belief that minding our own business and not telling other countries countries. What to do is very important if our SURPRI? If if we're going to survive the the opposition is limited and fortunately for us limited because truth is not on their side and truth is on our side and truth wins out in the end the even though there can be a lot of hardship and a lot of suffering in a way the Soviet system broke down because of the truth said socialism. Awesome doesn't work and it can't work will fail and we didn't have to fight him. We didn't have to fight him with a nuclear war. Failed Truth one out in the end in. And there's always somebody there to hold it together. And I think of individuals like salsa needs and he was born with the Russian revolution and yet he got through life five he he was well educated. He he knew he somehow got hold. A book send believes had religious beliefs. All this inspite of it and there's always somebody is going to be there to hold it together because you can't you can't squelch it. You can't stamp out forever the Truth Truth. Economic laws are on our side. Yes they may well be rigging the price of golden did that in sixty two. They kept it at thirty five dollars an bounce but eventually the truth wins out. You just can't keep printing money forever and think that prices go up including the price of gold and everything else else economic laws win out even though we're not smart enough and don't pretend that we know what month it's going to happen but economic laws are reliable and we know that not if we understand those and how the economic laws affect the undermining of our of our liberty we Are you know I in a position where endurance is really crucial. If we give up too soon that is going to be a tragedy as long as we perse persevered I believe We can win this those individuals who hold the system together those few who cling to it and one gentleman that influenced me a lot. I believe he participated and this was with Leonard Read. And I don't believe have you can. I don't believe that the authoritarian can ever put out the spark of liberty in everybody even though most of them set it aside. I'd are convinced that doesn't work. And they ignore it. I think there is a spark of love for liberty and everybody but I think in a group like this is spark is alive and well so in in what we have to do is at night that into a flame and and I see that happening here in the last couple of years this this thing. This spark liberty has hardly been noticed. But I think we have a flame going now and there certainly is a necessity for this there is a growing need for these views to become the prevailing attitude. If if not we don't survive live. I mean what what has been great about. America is going is going to be put into hibernation. Something serious will happen. It'll be more more authoritarianism and more poverty and more war. One of the most detestable arguments. That I hear and MEESE talks about inhuman action action in that. Is this notion that war can be of an economic value. I think that is the worst idea for moral L. reasons even if it were is it's horrible to think about it but it is not and yet I hear it on the House floor. We you know there's were that might help help the economy. Oh sure take a billion dollars out of the pockets of the taxpayer and build more missiles and blow them up and kill people and create eight more people who hate us in more likely to attack us and say that Oh yeah a billion dollars the GDP just one up a billion dollars they a major that you build trucks and tanks and they call that increase in the GDP is a total nonsense. I think in the government spends money. You should subtract it not.

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