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Some come because it still seems that ig place to visit missed the fatty fat has is the case founder of ole tentative they read he offers woking till is that take tourists deposits of the city they might otherwise medecine most of the people who come to visit the end up staying in similar safe zones what up what my job both of you today is the house about safe zone of the story is going to have or will but three by by now are no minefields he takes he to see areas populated by lebanon's different sects and poorer districts away from the beach clouds it appeals today's he wanted fench from the holiday well my mom with mary when i like to other pentagon cleveland she was like oh you really want to go gun can get from switzerland is a backpacker on the walking till now i'm just trying to take face day now i'm satellite fina battling misperception of lebanon as a dangerous place is one of the main jobs if the vadis get amion he's the tourism minister he he says they reached his moves secure thing europe they have the isis road them we don't have them he is in beirut clearly really we are more secure than them guinean wants tourists to branch out beyond the night clubs leave they rate and you'll find crusade to castles vinya preserved draymond temples we have so many places that if we can show them and promote them properly weekend the fence formed live unknown to in heaven lebanon still has many problems it struggles to haste series refugee population corruption and bad infrastructure sparked a crisis that sees trash piled on the streets or dumped in the sea most tourists gay tightness but it's not for everyone natalie to add is eight years old and from florida she came here with that parents for wedding and is not set impressed all right kidnap gangs that she has found some things she likes and lessening many kids saving as nick cave in linked enjoys shelluk mp unease they read luke and this is morning edition from npr news i'm vivid dream and i'm.

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