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And. I. Didn't saw forces Ferrari and. I. Just. A. Conflict on which more. Great Flick horrible ending Oh. Yeah. You know it's depressing. I was like Batman. I wanted one like. Carroll about this but Now, what are the guy that you ever got a chance really talked to him and just a very sweetener endearing very knowledgeable very Just a really I thought they did a good job at that. They made. Matt Damon. Little Short. No, I thought Christian Christian Bale just like killed Ken Miles and actually I got to tell you I really like how they. How realistic the portrayal of. His crash was I. think that that That sort of you know just another day at the track just testing going about your business sitting in a lawn chair with a hat kind of half covering your head waiting for the driver to come back with notes, and then you just hear that kind of Thud. I you know I really felt that that was such A. It's really if if you've ever seen a big crash on the side of a race track like that, it's like kind of how it happens. You know I thought that was a real moment. Yeah I I love the movie and didn't know that history of movie to that degree but I tell you that it. It's tough when it's a movie like that 'cause people I don't like cars. You know I don't like racing. GotTa Watch it. There's so much more to people story yeah people. Story. It was pretty amazing. Yeah Yeah Hey. What the The Red Camaro you use triple D.. Is there any story with that or is it just a prop car that? What do you? I think you chose it but I don't think you have any particular attachment to it if I had to take a guess. least, you're not psychic. GonNa make any money working at the fair with that one man well. Below. that. So so here's your here's what happened when we first started triple. D.. The way the show got started as we did a one hour pilot and we the production team, the production company at the time, which wasn't the the producer we went around to all these different cities around the country. And shot the location. And contacted the local car company or local car clubs and said, do you have a car we can borrow. And so we drove a variety of drove a Khuda drove I actually drove a Ford Mustang which you know, I'm not a four guys. We drove a we drove my Chevelle my yellow Chevelle was in the show when we shot here in California. And we drove one of the cars we drove was a sixty seven Camaro small block. So, with the show got picked up and we had to have convertible because a lot of the shot was being inside the car you watch your show, you watch a movie or anything they have to light inside of the Car to light people's faces because the coupe you can't. Yes. The. Worst convertible we'd never convertible to be able to hold the camera. So the camera guy could ride with me in the car and we had to have a convertible. So we could have light on the face do long shop and you get that critic crane makes a crane shot possible as well. You can get you can get Jackley exactly. Yeah. All those things considered when the show got picked up, producer called me and said, okay what kind of car do you want to drive I said well, come on nothing better than that. Read. and. Was it. We show up about a month later to go shoot the show he went and bought the actual Red Camaro. Cheese, you about that exact car and the car wasn't in the best condition and it used to drive me crazy it because the car would stall and your crowds of people were going to be there and on and on and on. So when we trade, we change production companies and I became the EP along with the me. No citizen pictures you now does it when we did that I said, okay.

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