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The easy chicago this is wait wait don't tell me square i'm not sure another week another high level person in the trump administration pushed out the window the good news for him with that he landed softly and harmlessly on the tall pile of everyone who went before last guys tom brady yes that tom brady envy's everything we've done the marker is all that was bill curtis explains how he ended up in public radio after such a distinguished career drunk has weird taste we'll after really did something they live to regret on our quiz coming up right after this hour's news live from npr news in washington i'm barbara kline president trump's personal lawyer john dowd says in his personal opinion special counsel robert muller's investigation into russian collusion in the two thousand sixteen election should end senate minority leader chuck schumer calls the statement another effort by the trump administration to undermine muller's work the exchange follows last evenings firing of fbi deputy director andrew mccabe npr's carrie johnson reports in a statement he says he was just trying to set the record straight and defend himself from political attacks he says the trump administration is using him as a pawn in a larger attack on the fbi and the special counsels russia probe mccabe's lawyer says doj rush to judgement and distorted the discipline process npr's carrie johnson for the first time president trump is joining the case involving adult film star stormy daniels his personal attorney michael cohen has filed a lawsuit seeking twenty million dollars in damages accusing daniels of violating at least twenty times a nondisclosure agreement to remain silent about an alleged affair with trump the filing says mr trump intends to pursue his rights to the fullest extent permitted by law crews are still trying to extricate two cars from under a collapsed pedestrian walkway at miami's florida international university miami dade police director juan perez says it could take at least another twelve hours we are working on the removal of two more vehicles were trying to accomplish those simultaneous week but we're going to try to move those vehicles and proceed throughout the day at least six people were killed including three who were found in the cars tensions between britain and russia are escalating russia's foreign ministry today summoned the british ambassador to tell him that twenty three of his moscow embassy staff are being expelled larry miller reports it's in retaliation for the uk's expulsion.

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