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Komonews dot com comedian michelle will hosted this year's white house correspondents dinner last night in washington president trump's skipped the dinner for the second year in a row holding a rally in michigan instead press secretary sarah sanders was at the dinner and wolf did not hold back we're a grace sarah's presence tonight i have to say i'm a little star struck i love your aunt lydia and the handmaid's tale a full panel offered their two cents this morning on abc's this week hosted by giancarl on the controversial scathing comments abc news this week now chief white house correspondent jonathan karl let's bring in our powerhouse roundtable former new jersey governor abc news contributor chris christie democratic strategist donna brazile pollster and abc news contributor frank luntz and shannon petty piece the white house correspondent for bloomberg news we said we would white house correspondents dinner you my my take here was that the comedian show will win over the line this was not the idea this was not the intention this is supposed to be celebrating the first amendment but chris christie governor christie you were there i was there in the front row baby you know i've been to number these as you know john and i've been the subject of a lot of this stuff over the course of the years and last night when you attack people's appearances when you attack their character not their policies and you do it repeatedly i mean no one or two shots in fine but what she did last night to sarah sanders what she did to kellyanne conway what she did to vodka trump i was struck and so is my wife who's sitting next to me by the fact that this comedian this female comedian spent more time beating up on women last night then she did on them and i thought that was a fascinating part of it her most vitriolic stuff personal stuff the things she called those people last night listen i from new jersey so we're not sensitive but last night was overlying from louisiana and so i've i've heard some gotta talk in my life it was racy i watched it on c span.

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