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So that train is a huge sweeper. The reason I think that it's a swear is twofold. I think that's part of the reason that I have never really pushed that string because I get to the point I don't know how any of that works, but I don't want to find out how any of that verb. So I don't push that strain, but then also because it's CBD, it's lowered PHC people don't understand the hype and the very longest time. We're still kind of stuck in that. I would people think that THC is what those THC content so the rosemary does not sell as well as it should, but the feedback that I get from that is 90% positive and there's people that tell me that not that strain changed their lives. They can function because of it. Yeah. And I unfortunately didn't I grew it out once and that was it. I did not, I don't remember because it's been a few years ago, but I don't remember led to the events that I wasn't able to carry it forward, but that was one. I was like, oh gosh. A bunch of those if you ever want. That's awesome. Yeah, that's cool. You still got some. You probably still got all of it, don't you? Most of it. I do cycle through the mothers. What I will say is that I still have the AC/DC mother, which is what makes the rosemary seed. So I can produce more of the time. That's cool. Yeah, that's nice. That's nice. I did AC/DC with tangy. Which I don't know. Is that an oxymoron to kind of like do a CBD with a. Sativa? No, but I like that just because of the flavors. I did the flavor with the tangy and the AC/DC 'cause that's one of my favorite of the CBDs. Nice. So that's what you got for the future then, right? You said the exodus and the sacagawea, the skunk one. That's one thing. That's a natural part of future too. Going into 2024. That's what I'm going to be working on through this year. But right now, we just are being DJ just did that collaboration thing with this kid 55. And that interesting because that was an unreleased stock from his blue line. I don't want people to think that that rare advocate, I think he's at like 30% of his library has been released so far. So we can go on for years. You've never been released, and they're going to release their money. And that is the truth. I was working on the K 45, and then that got released. And so the interesting thing behind that was that behind that is that, you know, when we release a new branch from his library, how that will influence the gene pool or what people will be able to create with that as yet to be seen. So that's been kind of fun. And that's where these now. And then we're also simultaneously we're working on this that I have to focus on because the testing has been completed for that. I'm cataloguing the information now. And that, I don't know, that will be up to DJ when he decides to release that bat. It's just going to be my whole world has changed after this project. This talking about intent. And part of the reason I stopped working with DJ stuff around 2019 was in the last project I did with him last main project I did with opening up his shit was the case where he and this is gonna be a good opportunity on being in business with your father's kind of interesting. But I think there was some miscommunication between him and I as to why I stopped working with his dog in 2019. And the reason the main reason that I did was because I could keep back up well. I didn't have the space to keep those damn backup phone. I was in a situation where I was getting 24 hour notices from my landlord and shit, you know, like, so I do remember that, and I remember it was stressing you the hell out. I mean, I'll take this moment to give it a little virtual hug anybody out there who's dealing with that. And then a little activate activism of speech that they like, we need to change that. The housing situation in this country is just fucking bullshit. This should not be happening. This is inhumane. But I wasn't able to keep the mother's life that I wanted to keep alive and in order to work with his heirloom stock echo heirloom stock his stuff is just harder to grow his dad. It's something that I think needs to be addressed. His stock is harder to grow and in order to hunt his stock, I need to keep that more back up than I do with this hybrid shit that I work on in my company. And I wasn't able to do that and I was losing plants that I wasn't able to but I couldn't afford to lose. Not that I couldn't afford to lose them. It's just that talking about intent, you know, I know his seed stock is limited as library limited. I don't want to lose seat because, you know, I'm afraid to keep a backup. So I said, I said, fuck it. I stopped. And not only that, but the results of my project were projects were suffering. I can't do this anymore. It's too disappointing to not have the correct resources to work with this shit. So I stopped. And then now we're here, and then that now we're least in that case, 45 project, and then now we're doing the work for this cocoa kush. And I did a bunch of outcrosses without as well that those are in testing right now. I had just finished up testing for one of those and that was fucking phenomenal. And I also finished up or go ahead. I just wanted to because you're talking about the coco. I just wanted to kind of get in there. That's the F 6. Is that the that is what we will be releasing yes. Okay, and the reason the reason I ask is I'm glad you're talking all about this right now because it's a good time to jump in. I did have some listeners respond and everything to my post. So but one of the main ones was talking about the K 45, the coco kush F 6 and their crosses. So go ahead, sorry about that. And what was the question? It wasn't a question I wanted to keep going talking about. I was just letting you know that I did get some feedback on some questions that some listeners had. A lot of them that came back through to my DMs was for you to have you talk about the K 45, the cocoa kush F 6 and its crosses. So I just want to let you know that that's great. That's what they wanted to hear. So go

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