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Hey, what's up? I'm jerry. Oh, hi there now, and we do a podcast like almost every day. But not quite it's the Alan Jerry post game podcast. We really started to talk about things we didn't get to on the boomer and geo shell but now it's really just us talking about robots rats in New York City and dome people in Florida and porn sites. That do studies and polls. Yes, studies in polls, you can download and subscribe on radio dot com and the new radio dot com app. Yankee tickets every single hour this morning, we will get into the met says they travel down to DC for barrel pudding day, degrom and sherzer and the tough competition the NFL east dementia going to face the entire year. Jerry Recco is here happening Jerry day. Man. I know you're all fired up. I am looking forward to Jerry's loves his baseball. Because I want Jodi a Goan want him to be upbeat today today is opening day. And I know he's all excited. Yes. And we have brought to you by town fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody and we'll anybody beat the Yankees this first week and a half of the season. Well, they take on the Orioles today at the stadium Tanaka and cash ner Tanaka last Thursday baby it's Tanaka Thursday. Yes, he was twelve and six last year cash ner foreign fifteen the Orioles horrific last year forty seven wins on the season. Meaning the lost one hundred and fifteen times the ink is one hundred wins. Here's Aaron Boone he knows how important special is is a privilege to go out there and compete against the best in the game. Why not? Worse than the game right now. So let's come down here. The absolute worst and the game today. Yes. And we will have a lot of coverage. Joe? Evan live from the stadium at ten Joe and Evan. Yeah. Pre game coverage on the fan twenty cents opening their show at Yankee Stadium on that issue. That is true and Greg bird and Luke Voight on the roster. It'll be bird that will get the start at first base. It looks like it will be the D H. Here's Giancarlo Stanton. Unfinished business from a year ago. We didn't get to where we wanted to be. So we all have that ultimate goal in and that kind of bad feeling in our stomach from from how it ended up to the Red Sox and the trouble and leave the vision series. He did. Yes. I saw Buck Showalter got fired by the Orioles. Yes. All right. So the Orioles have a new manager. Don't even ask me. So I'm gonna and I won't ask you all ask, Al. So I just wrote down just came up with three names off the top of my head that I just made up and in one of them is the Orioles man, I'll get this. All right. You're ready. So these are four names three or fake names. One is the Orioles man got it Brian Lanigan, Josh mater, Brandon Hyde Jeff jimmer Sohn give me the first name again, Brian Lanigan. That's how it is Brian. No, no, no, no. I made that up off the top of my head Brian Lanigan by just came up with that. Yeah. That one Josh Martin or too. Was that sounds based on the other ones? Yeah. There. That's definitely Josh Martin. All right. So so Lanigan, we know monitor you're saying his fake right fake. All right. So now, it's Jim Persson Jeff jimmer Sohn or Brandon Hyde is Jeff Jimmy Johnson related to jimmer for debt. Jeff jimmer Sohn fake failed. It's a real person. But he's not the Orioles manager. So they go Brandon height. You got no second best. Brandon about the Yankees. There were twelve and seven versus Baltimore last year. Why they didn't? Yeah. We talked about that all year last year why they were not they were pesky. How could you forget how many days did we spend over the though we're pesky they well the raise. Handke's? They were right everybody else. They suck. I would bet the Red Sox against the Orioles. And I don't know this eighteen games probably writing. I would say they were probably fifteen in three that was the difference between individuals in Tampa. So the Yankees were ten nine versus Tampa Bay Kimball. Didn't ninety games though. Right and twelve and seven versus Baltimore. Private Tampa was really good team. Yeah. Baltimore Salk yet Toronto. They were thirteen and six which is fine. You need to dominate Jerry. I think thirteen and six is dominant. It's pretty good. And I hope you got our dog the already Owl's. All right. You did get the Email regarding the softball, right? Yeah. Did okay. You'll have your first base coach there for most of them not all of them. But most of them there are a couple of conflicts. Yeah. I just I basically called out Alan the the chain Email, basically said I'm expecting bigger things at all this year than I got from him last year as long as it's pelvic Florida's and flair in between you Shinya. And then he says back in Email. Oh, my shit. I honestly Bruce at two years ago. I bet you hit last year though. Yeah. Really? The one hit one hit only one for the year. One hit really. Yep. And he got the ball to. Yeah. I remember I still have that ball at the house nine that everything. Just the one at Al had a really good year. Could you forget about forget all the stuff that happened last summer kneepads L, those are kneepads? Yeah. And then so you have kneepads in one game, and then you have shin pads and the other well when I hit I put the kneepads on when I field up with the the what? Yeah, you know, what the shop at underneath the SOX plays. I mean, if you're going to put the, you know, the soccer Shimpei heads on you gotta put them under the socks what I need is both because right now, I'm just dealing with one pad, and I really need my shins protected, and my knees because I die. I'm max you with wings looking to play third, man. I love how CBS sports network has the duke's softball packet right about that someone at put this, right? Well, there is bad shit in that lasted like saving. All that was in Brooklyn was at not. Yes. Yeah. And you heard I thought he was shot. Yeah. Made such a loud sound, I think she broke his shin turned out just a bad bruise. And he's still feeling the effects of severe Bruce of the scrotum. I haven't looked at my shit. And I bet you it's still discolored boy. Well, let's take a lotta hold on. You haven't looked at your shin in three years. You don't really look at your shin. You know, what I mean, it was less? I'm you looked at your shadow. I feel like I'm looking at my body. I don't know in the shower, I'm taking a look at you identify your own shin. I hope so. Here's Aaron judge. He expects a big season from Stanton in year two knowing what to expect, you know, being around the city the media, you know, how intense every single game every single game matters looking at shin Queen Mary still a discolored dot it is about that take any well never mind. I'm the Queen of basking ridge. So do not getting cash today on the fan. First pitch right after one o'clock Mets in Washington. Jacob degrom in his new contract. He will face. Max sherzer coverage on WCBS eight eighty here is degrom after putting pen to paper. He says he absolutely loves it here. The fans have been great to me. I look forward to being here for a long time. Hopefully lifelong met and bringing a championship to New York. And that's what you wanna hear. Here is Jeff wilpon? He says sure the talks were tough, but it all ended. Well, I know a lot of people worried about Brody on which side he would be on and how that would all work out. Now Jacob and I did smile a couple of times with with what was going on in the room, but we got it done. And just couldn't be happier for everybody from the fans on down. And there you go. I would say, you know, the Mets right now after all the nonsense and everything else I've done a lot of good things here. You know, forty one Tom Seaver way. That's a good thing bringing up he'd Alonzo. That's a good thing signing. Jacob degrom, bats good thing. Brodie van wagon and trying to. Change the direction of the team. That's a good thing. There's a lot of positives. Gio. Yeah. I know and it had twenty because few days ago, we didn't we weren't talking about all the positive yards change quickly. So here we are. It's opening day. And there's been a lot of good things happening for the Mets. Now, I said as jobs, I saw aren't you all excited about today goes home long one lagaras is still in center field. Centerfield? Want him out there? Today. He gets. Because of effort he gets hurt. Yeah. I know. But it's just it's just one of these things if he plays a full season. That's awesome. Like, Neil Akina. Not fair. That's the deck. I think he's better than that. You know, who's thrilled that one lagaras and centerfield Jacob degrom hours going to sites. Right. And yet thing to remember is that, you know, he was one of those guys that they gave the early contract to you know. So it's like it's not like the Mets have never done this before the Mets do have a track record of doing exactly what the Enke's Severino Hicks. Just that guy hasn't been out there. And speaking of Severino in Hicks. The injury alert Severino Hicks pretentious about the gregorious. All starting the earn an injured list and for the Mets. I cannot believe jet Lowry is starting the season on the injured list. But he is. And so is Todd Frazier and Travis Dr no, of course, you know, that Jerry Kvant Travis. But you know, we knew that he was probably going to be limited right, which we did know for sure Washington eighty two and eighty last year, but as we know they lost Bryce Harper to Philadelphia and the Phillies open with the Braves here's Harper. I will be quite calm when I seven the batters box, my heart rate, everything like that. It's controlled you know, it's my sanctuary. It's what I do what he does for a new team. Yeah. Like it. So there you have it ankus. Thank. I guess so. And then tonight, you've got the World Series champion Red Sox taking on the Mariners and the Red Sox right now do not have a closer. They're going basically bullpen by committee. Here was Alex Cora who says that's just the way we're gonna roll I think I'd do things a little bit different than others. I guess and others things different in the maze of I don't think you have to there's a there's a structure Squibb that you have to follow. He's following his own structure and his own scrip. Oh, why the hell out there defending you don't give them? A don't give them a closer. The Mets actually have to closers, right? Most teams have won the Mets of to the Enke's might have three. Yeah. That's right. Well, the ones on the injured list. But yes, you are right about that. And the as acquire Kendra Morales from the Blue Jays. All right. Elsewhere in sports, the jazz beat the Lakers one fifteen one hundred and Devon Booker does it again, and again, the sons Liu and they get the ball back to Beal for three. No, good rebound tipped out. The Crawford Crawford throws the down and underneath. Booker and the game of time. Oh, you talk about back and forth. Steals at another steel and Booker floors fifty. He scores fifty for the second consecutive game youngest player in NBA history to do that he had fifty nine last time out. He goes for fifty points last night, though, they lost the wizards won twenty four one twenty one the sons now seventeen and fifty nine on as row. Yeah. They've they've lost a lot of games. The Knicks have lost four in a row. And sixty of seventy two finishing up strong, or whatever it is finishing up. She writes the bulls are trying to tank their ass off. Man, you see their starting five last night. Probably not I didn't. But Robin Lopez is a guy that you know, then. Yeah. Shack Harrison Antonio Blakeney, Wayne Selden junior, and Brandon Samson have you ever heard of these guys Ralph Simpson they are trying to tank their ass off to get into that. Bottom three. They are really really drawing lost by twenty two where they are. They're twenty one and fifty five so Cleveland's nineteen fifty six Chicago's got six games left. Cleveland's got seven games left. And the Knicks have eight games left. Phoenix only six games left as well. The right. They're they're trying to get into trying to get in in there below Qiliang. Exactly what they're doing warriors beat the grizzlies one eighteen

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